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  1. These concerns have been raised before. Our run is probably secure, but given enough time and desperation, I suspect a fox could get in eventually. We feel much happier when the door is closed, and opened at the correct time. Sometimes, if we are out of the house , past dark, then we then have to rush home in a panic to make sure the door is shut as soon as possible. It would be nice if we had a door opener that did this for us. Also if we go away for a couple of days, we're finding it quite expensive to pay someone to come along at dawn and dusk to open and shut the doors. This is why we've been thinking about an automated solution. We have also considered several advanced ways of setting the time (dusk sensor, link to google day/night feed ...)
  2. I had intended todo an initial production run as we would like the device, but im still gauging interest as I think we need to make a fair few before it becomes affordable.
  3. Agreed, the omlet doors are more secure, and this is a key concern for omlet's target market.
  4. I believe this has been discussed a few times before. I am considering into creating a kickstarter campaign to build an automatic door opener closer for the eglu go and possibly classic and potentially cube. I understand that people have reservations/concerns about the system locking chickens out or waking them up too early, but believe there are a number of ways this risk can be reduced (i.e. ways to detect how many chickens are in the house - or using slightly more intelligent light sensors and timers). In the worst case, if I only dared get my eglu to open itself in the morning, but not close at night that would at least save me half the work. Are there many others who would be interested in such a product ? Is it worth me going through the process of creating this ? (if you look on the internet you will find two competing products for sliding /drop doors, but omlet seem to prefer unusual door designs).

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