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  1. She is now on antibiotics as are the other 2. The vet was puzzled as her "snot" really smells nasty. Almost an infected, rotting smell! Apart from that she had a thorough check over and everything else is absolutely fine which is a relief. I spent the evening scaring myself by reading abiut chicken respiratory illnesses!
  2. Can anyone give me advice please? I have 2 bantams and 1 hybrid. My hybrid has started with a runny nose and a sneeze today. I have had to wipe her little beak several times and the "snot" smells funny. I shall consult my vet tomorrow but in the meantime, any advice would be appreciated.
  3. I finally brought my chooks home just over a week ago now. I have 2 bantams and 1 hybrid. They have settled in beautifully and my son and I love spending time out in the garden with them. I was amazed how quickly they became used to the dogs and they now touch nose to beak through the run. I don't let them all loose in the garden at the same time! Looking forward to our first egg!

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