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  1. Totally mimi5... and that's exactly what my husband said!! Don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't taken the plunge... probably kicked the guinea pigs out of their eglu
  2. So my lovely new lo-rise 2m x 2m has had to become a broody coop - arggghhh... Was just about to go off on hols and leave my lovely neighbours in charge of the chooks, when one of them (chook not neighbour!!) decided it was 'broody time'... didn't really want to leave my neighbours to deal with chucking her off the next everyday etc etc, so decided the best (and easiest) thing to do at such short notice (due to leave next day!!!) was to turn the new run into a 'broody coop' whilst we were away. As much as it pains me to say it, it worked fantastically: food and water, small pet carrier if she really wanted to sit (just to make it easier for my neighbours), a lovely branch for perching and waterproof cover. Got home late last night and let her out this morning... no signs of broodiness and laid an egg today!! Yay!! Sods law though... went down the garden earlier and blow me but there's another one gone broody!!! And there was me thinking I'd connect the run back up again... Ah well... at some point I'll get the lo-rise back again...!!
  3. Ha! Well it definitely wasn't the time they claimed in the blurb!!! It was a good few hours but to be honest once I figured out exactly 'how' the poles and clips went it wasn't too bad and I probably sped up a bit... and it was just me doing it. It's not obvious to begin with how the poles and clips go but once you suss it, it's ok and very satisfying - I managed to get completely sunburnt though so don't forget sun cream!! If it's any help, poles go on the inside and the sticky out bit on the clips (will make sense when you see them!) point outwards for the mesh panels to fit into... at least that's what I did anyway!!! Have fun...! x
  4. I just built my 2 x 2 low rise yesterday and have just checked the manual for you as there's a list of all different size runs listed and which boxes come with which - for a 3 x 3 x 2 it says you should have 1 of each of the following: A1, A2, B, C, D, E, and F Hope that helps? Omlet are really helpful though - I had a couple of bungs missing and they were very apologetic and are sending some straight out to me Very jealous of a 3 x 3 but my plan is to extend once I've got some extra dosh!!
  5. Everyone should post a pic when they're done...
  6. I've been tempted and bought a WIR too! Hopefully it should arrive tomorrow but won't have a chance to build it until Friday here hee hee - so excited!!!
  7. I know! Really couldn't believe my luck - and I only spotted because a friend tagged me knowing how much I love them!!
  8. Ha ha ha... what a great start to a Sunday morning: an eglu came up on local 'for sale' on facebook last night at a really good price... I mean - what's a girl to do??? Other half: 'why do you need another one?' Me: 'why wouldn't I?' 'and anyway, the guinea pigs are in a wooden shack... who wants to live in a wooden shack?' - honestly... they have no idea do they? We are now a 3 eglu family Just off out to give it a scrub and do some shuffling of animals around...
  9. Oooh... very jealous!!! I have just put one in my basket - now gotta to work out when to get it delivered and how to pay for it!!
  10. So, after my neighbour posted a picture on facebook of a very well fed and sleek looking fox whilst out walking the dog (just down the road) the other day, I've been a bit twitchy... then yesterday I was watching the ewes and their lambs on the hill opposite the house when I saw a fox trot down the hill, pounce on something very white (presumably a lamb??) and drag it off up the hill Felt pretty helpless as there was no way I could do anything because it's probably half a mile away or more, but it was just a bit of a shock There didn't appear to be any ewe in distress so I'm wondering if the lamb was either dead already or perhaps on it's last legs?? (there have been problems with the farmer/shepherd before with these issues) Anyway, I'm now wondering whether to take advantage of omlet's offer for walk in runs and perhaps get a basic 2m x 2m low rise to add to my classic eglu with 3m run. So my question is: would this set up be big enough for 4 chooks when I'm out shopping/working etc, and then they can free range behind netting when I get home. I'm also thinking forward to the time when Mr/Mrs Fox doesn't have a handy supply of lamb on his/her doorstep and fancies chicken tonight instead... Thanks in advance peeps x
  11. Ha ha ha... Long gone luvachicken along with all the rest that have started appearing
  12. Ah thanks for that WitchHazel that's exactly what I wanted to know - felt sure someone on here would know That leads me on to another question about the bottom of the fence shorting out on the ground but think I'll start a new post so it doesn't get overlooked... Thanks again all x
  13. Thanks for that... Phoned omlet today but the lovely lady I spoke to didn't know really although when I explained that there was strands of wire through the fencing she thought that it probably could be... Presume this wire would be the conductor that you're talking about chickabee... Think I'll visit the local agricultural centre and have a look at their fencing and see if mine looks the same Could be an expensive experiment otherwise!!!

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