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  1. It's our first Christmas with our girls. We have an eglu classic and two ladies. We are going away for Christmas from Christmas Eve evening, until the 27th. Normally if we go away out neighbours sort the girls for us, but they are also going to be away. What does everyone else do with their chickens when they're away? Pet sitter? Closed run, open eglu? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone, that's really helpful. We will probably go for woodchip or the horse bedding. I did drive past a sawmill the other day that I didn't know was there, they might help with the hardwood wood chip. As you all seem pretty into the horse bedding you must know a bit about horsey stuff. So I was thinking of this earlier. Directly onto the bedrock (which is pretty near the surface sadly), we could put a rubber mat, like those used in stables. Then on top of that put the wood chip. This would make cleaning much easier as we could easily lift and jet wash the mat every so often. Before the builders came and dug it all up, the ladies were actually very good with the garden. They hadn't really touched the lawn as their main area of excitement is the (currently) empty veg patch. They practically dug to Australia in that! we're not too worried about the lawn anyway, we are only having it redone as a) it's free paid for by the builders and b) the drainage was so bad that it was flooding and rotting the grass, thanks to the incompetent landscapers the builders first used. Glad you think they'll be ok in the run. They're currently quite happy in the garage. We have bought them some food based toys which I was amazed to find that they have used and managed to completely empty...clever chocks!
  3. Hi, we are having our garden completely gutted and redone (thanks to the fantastic landscapers originally used by our well known house builder being utterly rubbish). We have decided to put in a permanent section for our ladies run to go on. We have an eglu classic. What surface would people advise under this? I saw someone had rubber chips which looked good as I could hose it without taking up the run. What about sand? Any other suggestions? Thanks! Also, they are normally free-ranging about the garden but as we will have new turf I thought about keeping them in for a little while. Would they be ok to stay just in their run for a week or so? They are currently relaxing in the garage quite happily, with straw on the floor. They have half the garage to themselves while the workmen are in. Which do you think is best, leave them in the garage a bit longer, or have them in the garden but in their run once its finished for a bit?

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