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  1. Thank you everyone I feel reassured . Hilda has stopped squawking I think your right there sorting there pecking order out. How can I add pictures? Mark
  2. Morning I've 6 hens I'm getting the odd egg, I've had them a week just wondering if anything wrong ? Also my bantom is squarking all the time and I wanted to ask if this was normal. Any advice appreciated Mark
  3. Morning everyone Hope you have had a fab weekend just wondering how I should clean mayhem house its are of sod metal trey that slides out. I've had my girls a week today, there 16 weeks old. But ive I idea how or what I should be doing in terms of cleaning them and replacing beddibg and what should I use Would appreciate your help Mark
  4. Hello I am new to having chickens and this site, I do not have an eglu but a wooden hen house and run. I purchased 6 girls all different varieties and they arrived from Shropshire farm on Monday, not the best time as we had very bad weather with the tail end of hurricane up here in the North. I have no idea what I am doing so I could do with advice and help on what I should be doing, my main worry is how to clean their house and what to use. The girls on soil but wondering if I need to clean it and again how and what to use. I'm very excited and look forward to making new friends. Mark
  5. [color=#0040FF[/ thank you for the reassurance so should I stop the veggies?
  6. Hi all Just a little worried about my new chickens. I just noticed that there was diarrhoea and worried if there is anything wrong there 16 wk old. I've only had them a week. Any advice would be appreciated. Feeding them laying pellets n mixed corn n veg s"Ooops, word censored!"es
  7. Morning All Just a quick question how do you clean the run and the house house? What do you use and how? Thanks Mark
  8. > I would only leave pellets out for them. Otherwise they will fish out the corn as > they prefer that (if you mix it with the pellets)? > > I throw the odd apple into the run and they peck at it. It takes them longer to > eat it that way > > Welcome, by the way Hi Christian Thanks very much for the advice I have been feeding them toast for bfast leaving laying pellets and giving them mixed corn at night . Mark
  9. Great thanks very much for the tip. I'm just worried that I should be doing things for them and so thought I'd join and gain some advice/help
  10. Hi All My name is Mark and I live in Port Sunlight village, I have an allotment 19 minute walk from home and have just taken delivery of 6 16 week yr old hens, 6 in total. (1 white bason, 1 beechwood blue, 1 speckledy, 1 Sussex Ranger and 2 commercial browns) I just wonder what I should be doing on a Dailey basis and some advice really. I have a wooden house and up run attached. I brought 3kg water and feeder , feeding girls laying pellets and corn along with veggies and apples from my allotment. Just wondering should I be cutting the s"Ooops, word censored!"s up and if so how big roughly and do I need to do anything with them? Thanks

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