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  1. Is it possible to buy boxes to hold just two eggs? I make hampers of food every year for family for Christmas and this year they want eggs too. However with 6 hampers and only two layers, I can only really give two eggs. If I can't find boxes, I'm after another idea on how to package them up!
  2. Now, I think I already know the answer to this, but just wanted to ask all of you lovely lot. Busy body has obviously gone to the council about the chooks, as I have had an email. No problems as such, just a form to sign and send back saying I agree to their rules. However, one of their rules is that by the 1st September each year, I will provide a certificate of health from a vet, to prove each chicken has had full blood work done to inspect health, and each has had yearly vaccinations. What are your thoughts on this rule?
  3. Does anyone else find it odd how dreams contain things that are actually happening? I can think of several occasions where I have been dreaming, something has happened like the phone ringing or someone saying my name or one of the children is crying, and I wake up a few minutes later and it actually IS happening. My dreams seem to predict this though, as I remember one occasion where I was dreaming about my old home as a child. The phone was ringing and I ran into the living room, only to find it was now my mum and dads new house and I couldn't find the phone! I got it, answered it and woke up to my mobile in my hand. It was my mum, who laughed and said "that was quick, it only rang once!"
  4. Busy body was back! Ended up having a bit of an argument with him in the end. He came over all high and mighty, ranting about how they had no food and water (they did), they were both full! He told us how he had kept chickens for 30 years (which then changed to all his life and then back to 20 years!) and that we knew nothing about chickens and to "leave it the experts". My husband told him that was only his opinion and that we were complying with the law. He told us there were no laws about chickens (?!) and that he knew best as he had kept them all his life so we should do as he says! He apparently has 50 chickens in his back garden and is an expert on them. He told me to go read a book and my husband told him to go get a life. He walked off with a "I will be keeping my eye on your chickens and the first sign of a problem and I will have them taken off you". Told him if he stepped foot on our property again we would report him for trespassing. In other news! The girls are doing great. My husband even managed a cuddle with one of them yesterday when he was shutting them away for the night. She was quite settled in his arms and was it lovely to see =)
  5. Third egg! Not sure if this is from one of the others as its a different colour and size to the other two. They are young layers though so could just be her getting used to laying. I'm surprised that we have had any eggs at all to be honest, the place we got the, from said it could be around two weeks before they lay any eggs while they get settled in.
  6. Today we got our second egg! Presuming it was from our amber star again. We keep our girls on the allotment, which is a few minutes walk from home. Had someone come and tell us we had to register with DEFRA and obtain a license to keep chickens, regardless of amount of birds and if they are on an allotment or at home! Found DEFRA legislation stating that's only true if you have 50 or more birds. He said he would "investigate the matter" and get back to me. Found all the relevant legislation online already! I will fight for my girls! I already asked the council so I know where I stand legally. Morehens is already here! I saw a beautiful hen where we bought the girls from, that laid blue eggs too (think it was a cream legbar?) Might have to be a new addition to our flock in the new year! My husband has already decided to extend the coop so will have the room.
  7. It won't let me add pictures yet, I think I have to post more first! The girls had taken themselves off to bed when we shut them up last night which was good. They seem to have established their pecking order already too. One question, I'm giving them layers pellets to eat and grit, but do they need some fattier foods (corn or veg) over winter now? Or just to continue with the layers pellets. We are using mealworms to gain their trust and they already eat those out of our hands.
  8. We have had our allotment since late July. I love it! Got plenty planted already, with plenty more planned. We only have a half plot though, so want a second plot already!
  9. Hello all, hopefully Im posting this in the right place. Yesterday we picked up three chickens, a blue Plymouth Rock hen (Dorothy), a ranger (Henrietta) and an amber star (Rosemary). I'm presuming they like their coop and run as we already have been rewarded with our first egg from the amber star and that was yesterday evening! Any hints and tips will be appreciated!

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