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  1. i haven managed to get one photo on, the others wouldnt load but i will keep trying. link to my photos below...
  2. Hello, sorry i havent been on for such a long time, i have been rather busy. i had my twins on 29th december, i had a girl called Alice 6lb 3oz and a boy called Oscar 5lb 5oz. I had Alice naturally and Oscar by emergancy c-section under general. Oscar had an operation for Pyloric Stenosis at 2 weeks old and was rather ill but they are doing well now and Alice is 10lb 15oz and Oscar 10lb 7oz. they were sleeping throught the night from 10 weeks. my other two Edward who is 4years old and Harriet who is now 3 years old love Alice and Oscar to bits. our family is now complete.
  3. i think it must depend where you live, mine all were around £10 POL. i did call a breeder and he said £25 each and he was rude about my eglu so i didnt go to him.
  4. yes we did have a look at one, (it was very hard to find one to view) but it doesnt have enough room for the buggy as we neeed to keep one of the seats in the back.
  5. we are looking for a new car at the moment as the c-max isnt big enough for us when the twins arrive. Because we have been trapsing around with two todders i tow, none of the salemen want to spend much time with us and we get varing responses as to wether we can turn the front airbag off/miles to the gallon/cost to tax etc. it has been a bit of a task as we need 6 seats but also room for a double buggy and a double carrycot. some of those HUGE people carriers have such small boot space when the seats are in and i dont want to slide a muddy buggy in the footwells. i will really miss the c-max when it goes as i love it to bits and its cheap to tax, insure and drive. everything we have looked at has looked cheaper and will cost alot more to buy and run. if i could fit an extra seat in the c-max i would be over the moon. the cars we have on the shortlist are the honda and fiat that both have three seats in the front and three in the rear and a fairly big boot. they are both about the size of the c-max in length. BUT the honda has cream velvet on the insides of the doors (not very child friendly) and the fiat has fabric on the dash and on the doors (it is darker). that will be such a pain to clean. we have had car salesmen showing us really small cars that dont have enough seats or petrol ones and i have to keep saying 'diesel and at least 6 seats!!!!' they are so quiet at the moment they dont care about wasting your time as long as they look busy. Now could e the time to get a good deal though.
  6. just had a look at my notes and they are called DICHORIONIC. i dont feel as sick today so i am going to spend the rest of the afternoon in the garden with the kids reading my new twins book. i have been rushing around delivering and collecting packages and children all morning and the car windscreen crack has just been mended by a lovely rac man and i am worn out.
  7. thank you Rona, you are such a love, are you offering to babysit all four??? we have been to the Norfolk show today and spent alot of time looking at cars. we bought a c-max in november last year and i love it but we cant get the additional baby in so we need a 6 seater. honda do a version that is like the c-max but wider so it has three seats in the front. i am already decided on the buggy, i have had loads of doubles as my two were close together. the mountain buggy urban double is what i will be buying. it can have a twin carrcot or two single carrycots. i have the single version at the moment with a buggy board and i had the double version last year. my youngest doesnt use the buggy that much now unless i strap her in beacuse its not safe for two monsters running around. they are non identical twins from different eggs which is the safest form of twins. i have been ordering books so i can get my head around what i need to do during the pregnancy. its looking like a c-section as well (i wanted another homebirth - before i found out there were two) . thank you Fizzle Knit i will look at the website, there are so many questions i have that i cant find answers to.
  8. thank you all, i am already planning what i will be making a freezing in the autumn so that i will not have to worry about cooking. i am sure the chooks will love all the extra soggy rusks that will come their way and at least we will have a nice supply of eggs when i forget to do the shopping. we will be moving in the spring or summer but it will only be down the garden into the windmill when its finished and it will be no big rush thankfully. i will probably be desperate to get the kids down to the nursery in the mornings to get a bit of time with the two little ones (and to clean up/get some sleep)
  9. oh i have been told, i dont think we will be having the whole family over for the boxing day get together as our house this year!! we will have to get a new car as well. luckily we have five bedrooms. i dont know how i will get my two big ones ready for nursery in the mornings with two newborns!!
  10. Some of you may know i am pregnant and i have just had my first scan and i am having TWINS!!!!!! i am in shock as it doesnt run in our families. my other two will be 4.5y and almost 3y when they are born, the due date is 10th jan but twins i am told are often early.
  11. it will save you a fortune. we rarely have our heating on. we have spent 2 years with a 12kw woodburning stove in the living room heating our big old house (just shut the doors to rooms that you dont use) it even kept us warm when we had six months in the winter without any windows in the back upstairs, just black sacks. we didnt have any radiators plumbed in for most of that time so we didnt have a choice. it did get rather hot in the living room as it was really too powerful for the room. our gas bill is about £9 a quarter, which is mainly the hob on the cooker. when we built a new room on the back of the house last winter, we added a 5kw stovax woodburner and its fantastic. when we convert the windmill this year we will be having a huge woodburner in the extension facing out into two rooms. we hope it will heat the main part of the house so we will not have the heating on there either. we use the s"Ooops, word censored!" wood from OHs business and give loads away to people as well, our s"Ooops, word censored!" heats three or four homes through the winter. when we started looking for our newest logburner, i did a lot of research, some of the cheaper ones are not as efficient and dont last as long. this is a great time to buy one as alot of shops are having sales. people tend to buy them at the end of the summer and shops are feeling the pinch at the moment. you could get a great deal. we got a good discount off ours last winter. you coud go around the local stove shops and decide what you want and buy it online alot cheaper. go for it snowy you will certainly not regret it, they are worth the money.
  12. its a great idea and i have fostered cats before. i would certainly look after anybodys chooks if they were in need. it would not be a problem for alot of people moving an eglu with run but moving a cube for most people would be a pain. we have trucks here so it wouldnt stop me. even though i have room in my cube, i couldnt just dump fostered chooks in with mine, it would cause all sorts of confusion. they would have to come with a home. we could just have a list for each county of people that would be prepared to do it. actually if it was posted on here when somebody needed help, i am sure we would find someone to do it.
  13. we had trouble getting some as well and when it finally came it was more expensive and the bail was smaller . they said it was better compacted but it was even more losely compated than before and covered a much smaller area. it hasnt lasted well this time and i thought it needed to be changed after 2 weeks rather than the usual 4 weeks. i shall be buying bliss and a bottle of citronella instead. which will work out alot cheaper.
  14. thank you. it looks lovely!! they certainly do look like they love that big muddy puddle! thats a great idea, 'rear a pig' i wonder if they have many people doing it?
  15. does anybody on here keep pigs in a wood? i know jimmy does, i just wondered if they minded it if its abit wet in the winter? i could fence an area of paddock off for them as well but i know they like woodland to forrage. i will have to keep an eye on their feet as if they are in a wet wood but i am not sure if they would be so keen on the idea. its not deep water or anything, just a bit boggy in places. i know how pigs love mud!! i am just thinking about getting some livestock and deciding what we can have to keep us fed over the year.

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