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  1. Hello. I've tried to PM you but it says you can't receive messages. Not come across that one before!!
  2. Omg that's a wonderful offer and I am actually IN north Oxfordshire! How noisy do the bantie boys get? It was always tenuous whether I'd be able to keep mine (full size!) as I'm in a suburban area. The neighbours don't mind my serama boy but his crow is comical and not very loud. What do you think? He was the only one to even hatch from a batch of 12 - is it possible that there was something just inherently wrong with him that could have caused a heart attack or similar? Related to the fact that all the other eggs didn't develop properly at all, I mean? Hatching is new to me this year as you know, so I'm just grasping at straws I guess!
  3. I'm so sad this morning. I went down to see to the birds and counted only 9 in the run, realising instantly that it was my precious chick missing. Found him in the cube nest box, he has died overnight ๐Ÿ˜” I didn't see the birds yesterday but my partner says he was fine and no signs of anything wrong. I've had a thorough feel/look all over his body and there is nothing externally obvious. He was from the outside looking physically perfect. He was just starting to grow the beginnings of a little cockerel tail. I'm at a loss, no idea whatsoever what could have happened. The other 9 in with him all look in fine shape to me. I hope he went really peacefully in his sleep. I wish I knew what had happened.
  4. I was thinking as much having been looking at pics online. And the beginning of the saddle shape feathers at the back looks very male. I wonder if I can keep him long enough to get some fertile eggs from my other birds?? If I breed him to an araucana I should get olive eggers, right?
  5. Ok a little update. "He" is now 12.5 weeks old. There has been little by way of development of identifying features, no sign of tail feather development for example. Still making baby cheeping noises so no clues there either. Headgear hasn't got any bigger, spur buds haven't got bigger. The rear view pic whej i study it closely, naybe just a hint of saddle feathers, more in the shape and positioning?? Maybe "he" is just developing quite slowly due to the time of year and the weather??
  6. Here are 2 pics from when "he" was just a few hours old. You can see why I instantly thought boy!
  7. Dang! Yours seems the most authoritative answer so far. I was certain he was a boy to start with but then less certain in the last couple of weeks as his tail feathers seem really quite rounded. He is lovely, very tame indeed so far and cuddly, so will definitely find a lovely home in due course ๐Ÿ˜ Sadly won't be able to keep him myself though - don't think the neighbours would be too pleased at roo no.2 ๐Ÿ˜‚ Definitely 8 weeks as I hatched him myself and I was convinced he was male from the minute he hatched until just recently when I've not been so sure. "He" came out of the egg with huge headgear! I'll try to find a pic and post it.
  8. Hullo all For a bit of fun, here is a pic of my 8 week old Cuckoo Marans chick. Opinions please: boy or girl? And do we think it shows characteristics of being pure cuckoo marans or might it be a bit of a mixture? Looking forward to your answers!!
  9. The Cambridge Cavy Trust used to be the "go to" place to find rescue guineas or ones needing new homes, back when I was keeping guinea pigs. This was 15ish years ago and I have just done an online search to check they still exist. They do- you could do worse than giving them a call? They arent a rescue as such but they are heavily involved in Piggie welfare matters so I'd be surprised if they can't source you some rescues.
  10. Hopefully, yes! They are certainly really enjoying and making use of the height!
  11. So the new luxury pad is almost finished and I moved the birds in at the weekend. There's a little aesthetic stuff still to do but basically they have this. And they love it. They can fly and flit and perch at all levels. The coop itself is dark and soundproofed so the rooster doesnt crow until the door opens, and we also modified the side and the roof to accommodate a self locking door on a timer. AND one of the girls came into lay and the eggs are so, so cute!!!! Teensy tiny slightly rose-tinged perfect white eggs! Still in serama heaven here... ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Definitely will share pics in due course! Coop may not be arriving today after all, as I have a text from DPD saying they accidentally took it to Cardiff overnight and therefore it is delayed ๐Ÿคจ
  13. Hello Cinnamon! I also remember you. I'm so glad to hear you're almost ready to have hens again. How exciting!!
  14. I'm totally in love with them! They are so cute and so funny. The Roo is definitely growing into adulthood. He woke me up crowing at 5.45 this morning (was shut inside his coop). I'm a very light/sensitive sleeper and I'm kind of attuned to responding to any noise from the chickens, and he wasnt really that loud, so I am still hopeful he won't get loud enough to upset the neighbours, but in any event I've decided on the perfect set up for them and a new coop is arriving tomorrow. It's much larger than they need so they have lots of indoor space and it has a small run underneath it. I'm going to be sound-proofing the unit insofar as that is possible using special material that i have already used on the big girls house, and making some other little amendments, and then it will sit inside a 6x6 heavy duty weldmesh run with a rainproof roof. The coop door will be on a timer and they'll be let out into the run around 8am, thereby, I hope, avoiding his crow becoming an issue for the neighbours. He's still nowhere near as loud as the big girls get, but he definitely now sounds like a rooster and not a funny little frog. No teeny tiny eggs yet. Hopefully soon!!
  15. An update on my seramas... The Roo had a 5 day course of nutridrops and now seems very well and healthy. On Sunday morning he found his voice and crowed for the first time! It was very, very cute! His crow is still less than half the volume of my big girl's chattering so just hoping he stays that quiet lol. He's quite friendly and has become used to being handled. I still have no clue how old he actually is but does a first crow at 15 weeks seem right, or is he older? The ladies, I am now sure, are not all the same age. The speckldey one is definitely the oldest. She has an adult voice, raises alarm calls, etc. She has started crouching when I put my hand over her so I'd guess she'll come into lay within a couple of weeks. The black one seems somewhere in between the other two and the white one seems to me to be much younger. She still only does "peep peep" noises, she's smaller, skinnier and her face/comb isn't colouring up at all yet. So I think I was told a bit of a porky pie about their ages! But they are all healthy now, happy and extremely entertaining in every way. Thoroughly enjoying them!

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