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  1. 1 hour ago, Minnie&Moose said:

    So sorry Sarkymite.  If you're anywhere near north Oxfordshire and would like a bantam cuckoo maran boy replacement - I have some lovely spare lads at the moment. 

    Omg that's a wonderful offer and I am actually IN north Oxfordshire!

    How noisy do the bantie boys get? It was always tenuous whether I'd be able to keep mine (full size!) as I'm in a suburban area. The neighbours don't mind my serama boy but his crow is comical and not very loud.  What do you think?

    1 hour ago, The Dogmother said:

    I am sorry to hear that - it's not easy to deal with when it's that unexpected. Possibly a heart attack.

    He was the only one to even hatch from a batch of 12 - is it possible that there was something just inherently wrong with him that could have caused a heart attack or similar? Related to the fact that all the other eggs didn't develop properly at all, I mean? 

    Hatching is new to me this year as you know, so I'm just grasping at straws I guess!

  2. I'm so sad this morning. I went down to see to the birds and counted only 9 in the run, realising instantly that it was my precious chick missing. Found him in the cube nest box, he has died overnight 😔

    I didn't see the birds yesterday but my partner says he was fine and no signs of anything wrong. I've had a thorough feel/look all over his body and there is nothing externally obvious. He was from the outside looking physically perfect. 

    He was just starting to grow the beginnings of a little cockerel tail. 

    I'm at a loss, no idea whatsoever what could have happened. The other 9 in with him all look in fine shape to me. 

    I hope he went really peacefully in his sleep. I wish I knew what had happened. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Minnie&Moose said:

    Definitely a boy.  My youngest batch of this year's birds is the same age and the difference between the males and females is very striking - my boys all look like yours; the girls have hardly any comb development yet and no wattles, and their combs are only slightly pink.  

    I was thinking as much having been looking at pics online. And the beginning of the saddle shape feathers at the back looks very male. I wonder if I can keep him long enough to get some fertile eggs from my other birds?? If I breed him to an araucana I should get olive eggers, right? 

  4. Ok a little update. "He" is now 12.5 weeks old.  There has been little by way of development of identifying features, no sign of tail feather development for example. Still making baby cheeping noises so no clues there either. Headgear hasn't got any bigger, spur buds haven't got bigger. The rear view pic whej i study it closely, naybe just a hint of saddle feathers, more in the shape and positioning?? Maybe "he" is just developing quite slowly due to the time of year and the weather??  




  5. 17 minutes ago, Chuck Crazy said:

    It is a boy. Girls don't go stripy at that age. We have hatched quite a few of these this summer, and have male and female at the same age and some 4 weeks older, and all the boys look like this and the girls darker and not so stripy. However if you handle them they make lovely cockerels. 


    Dang! Yours seems the most authoritative answer so far. I was certain he was a boy to start with but then less certain in the last couple of weeks as his tail feathers seem really quite rounded.

    He is lovely, very tame indeed so far and cuddly, so will definitely find a lovely home in due course 😁 Sadly won't be able to keep him myself though - don't think the neighbours would be too pleased at roo no.2 😂

    8 hours ago, Valkyrie said:

    My cuckoo maran had huge head gear, almost wore it like a beret!  The older she got, the smaller it shrunk though.  First is about 12 weeks next she's older, then the day after hatching.  Ahh miss my Tipsy - she was a special. 

    Yours looks older than 8 weeks though

    Definitely 8 weeks as I hatched him myself and I was convinced he was male from the minute he hatched until just recently when I've not been so sure. "He" came out of the egg with huge headgear! I'll try to find a pic and post it.

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  6. 15 hours ago, WingingIt said:

    Unfortunately while my local rescue doesn't do home checks for rabbits and guinea pigs they do request pictures... they also request a 5ft hutch for 2 guinea pigs (!!) which rules out Omlet too! It's quite frustrating when my only options seem to be a) lie or b) don't rescue 😔

    It's a very large rescue centre which I think often leads to a certain level of inflexibility... perhaps I can track down a smaller and less prescriptive place! I'm in South Cambs if anyone knows of anywhere :-)

    The Cambridge Cavy Trust used to be the "go to" place to find rescue guineas or ones needing new homes, back when I was keeping guinea pigs. This was 15ish years ago and I have just done an online search to check they still exist. They do- you could do worse than giving them a call? They arent a rescue as such but they are heavily involved in Piggie welfare matters so I'd be surprised if they can't source you some rescues.  

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  7. So the new luxury pad is almost finished and I moved the birds in at the weekend. There's a little aesthetic stuff still to do but basically they have this. And they love it. They can fly and flit and perch at all levels. The coop itself is dark and soundproofed so the rooster doesnt crow until the door opens, and we also modified the side and the roof to accommodate a self locking door on a timer. AND one of the girls came into lay and the eggs are so, so cute!!!! Teensy tiny slightly rose-tinged perfect white eggs! 

    Still in serama heaven here... 😁


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  8. 1 hour ago, SeramaSilly said:

    Aw glad you're enjoying them - I do think seramas are very special! :-)

    I'm totally in love with them! They are so cute and so funny. The Roo is definitely growing into adulthood. He woke me up crowing at 5.45 this morning (was shut inside his coop). I'm a very light/sensitive sleeper and I'm kind of attuned to responding to any noise from the chickens, and he wasnt really that loud, so I am still hopeful he won't get loud enough to upset the neighbours, but in any event I've decided on the perfect set up for them and a new coop is arriving tomorrow. It's much larger than they need so they have lots of indoor space and it has a small run underneath it. I'm going to be sound-proofing the unit insofar as that is possible using special material that i have already used on the big girls house, and making some other little amendments, and then it will sit inside a 6x6 heavy duty weldmesh run with a rainproof roof. The coop door will be on a timer and they'll be let out into the run around 8am, thereby, I hope, avoiding his crow becoming an issue for the neighbours. He's still nowhere near as loud as the big girls get, but he definitely now sounds like a rooster and not a funny little frog.

    No teeny tiny eggs yet. Hopefully soon!!

  9. An update on my seramas...

    The Roo had a 5 day course of nutridrops and now seems very well and healthy. On Sunday morning he found his voice and crowed for the first time! It was very, very cute! His crow is still less than half the volume of my big girl's chattering so just hoping he stays that quiet lol. He's quite friendly and has become used to being handled. I still have no clue how old he actually is but does a first crow at 15 weeks seem right, or is he older?

    The ladies, I am now sure, are not all the same age. The speckldey one is definitely the oldest. She has an adult voice, raises alarm calls, etc. She has started crouching when I put my hand over her so I'd guess she'll come into lay within a couple of weeks. The black one seems somewhere in between the other two and the white one seems to me to be much younger. She still only does "peep peep" noises, she's smaller, skinnier and her face/comb isn't colouring up at all yet. So I think I was told a bit of a porky pie about their ages!

    But they are all healthy now, happy and extremely entertaining in every way. Thoroughly enjoying them!

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  10. 1 hour ago, Cat tails said:

    Are you sure the roo is 14 weeks too? He looks very well feathered and with a mature comb for a 14 week old cheeper.

    Well they said he is the same age. And he is still making cheeping noises. Have never heard him crow. He just goes "peep, peep, peep" like the girls?? 

  11. 14 minutes ago, Lewis said:


    I wouldn't rush to worm them as they're still growing, I don't see any merit in worming birds twice before they're 18 weeks old! 

    I will probably not worm them until they are 18 weeks anyway, unless I become very concerned they may have a heavy load. I'm due to worm all my hens in a few weeks so was planning to add them to that cycle. I'll focus on building them up with supplements and good nutrition in the next few weeks. The little roo seems a lot brighter this afternoon, but this morning his feathers were ruffled and he was snoozing. This afternoon by contrast he looks normal. Hopefully supplements already working their magic!

  12. Thank you SeramaSilly. Ive already twigged their enjoyment of perches!! I'm torn between trying a standard size coop and run and hoping they do go to bed without assistance, and buying a 6x3 walk in run and then modding it to add my own coop set up inside it. The trouble is then I won't be able to move it around whereas if they had a more classic set up, they could be on fresh grass rather than in the poultry yard (which is devoid of anything remotely green these days 🙄 )

    21 minutes ago, SeramaSilly said:

    to me a walk-in run has been essential because mine have never put themselves to bed so I have to physically lock them up every-night and crawling into a run would have been very tiresome!! :-0  They will appreciate lots of perches high and low and I bought mine a little plastic trug for their dust-bath.


  13. Thank you very much, all of you! 

    Dogmother, I did put some Nettex Vit Boost in their water this evening and will continue to do so, but I was worried about dosing. What I've given them this evening is slightly more dilute than the package instructions just in case.

    I also actually gave the roo some Nutridrops as I am a bit worried about him. He weighed in at 280g so by the instructions thats very slightly over 0.25ml. That still looked a lot for his body size and I couldn't get it in his beak anyway so I mixed it with a small quantity of oats and let him eat what he fancied of it. He perked up a little bit after that and ate quite a lot of feed, so fingers crossed with some tlc he will be ok. Handling him, he is quite skinny - can really feel his keel bone, but not sure what a roo should feel like having never kept one before. The girls are all plumper than him and I would assess their body condition as good.

    I've ordered growers crumb which will arrive tomorrow and will keep them on that until the girls come in to lay. I did think it odd that they were already on layers pellets given how immature they look. What else can i offer the roo to help him plump out and improve his health? 

    I've also ordered some fine complete grit mix. The stuff I have for my big girls really does seem too chunky! 

    I'm.going to try to post photos but I'm really bad at that... 2nd reply coming up...

    Ok attempting pics... 2 of the roo and one of each of the little girls. The girls are the 3 "headshots" - couldn't get any full body shots today as they just wouldn't stay still, whereas the roo doesn't flit so much!






  14. Hi all, me again with more serama questions- they just seem so fragile compared to the big girls!!

    They are 14 weeks old according to the seller. The girls don't look anywhere near ready to lay and the roo hasn't crowed once. But we were told they were already on layers pellets. Shouldn't they still be on growers at this stage?

    Also the roo doesn't look as if he's in full health - a teensy bit dull and his comb isn't very vibrant. I want to supplement with vitamins as I would for the big girls but I can't find dosing info anywhere for such tiny birds. Is it literally the same as for the big girls but they just drink much less water? 

    Lastly in terms of grit and oystershell, can they have regular sized grit mix? It seems rather large when considering their teensy tiny size.

    I did so much research before getting  them but nowhere seems to cover this stuff and to be honest for some reason I was unprepared for exactly how tiny they really are!

  15. Neil my green Mk.1 cube is also very faded particularly on the roof. But I've run a roll of heavy black soundproofing fabric over the roof and the original bit of the run, actually to quietenthe noise from one hen who likes the sound of her own voice rather too much but it also makes it look much smarter from a distance and doubles as rainproofing and shade on that section of run. It rolls back to open the roof for cleaning etc.

    I think covering it with something like that or a camo. net or something else will be easier than painting it with anything. It's not the easiest plastic to work with.

    Good luck though - would be interested to see your finished result.

  16. Hullo all

    I've been absent for a while again. In that time my flock has changed from 6 to 5 to 8 hens and most recently, we indulged a very longstanding dream of mine and brought home 4 seramas- 3 girls and the most adorable cheeky little roo. So erm... I'm on 14 birds now... 🤣

    What I'm quickly discovering is that nothing seems "good enough" to house the seramas. The plan had been to modify the eglu classic with addition of a fine mesh over the galvanised wire run, a single roosting bar inside and removal of the floor roosting bars. But it just doesn't seem like it would work. I want their coop to be higher up so I can see them and interact more easily, and I also want to be able to catch them - I can't commando crawl into the classic run to do that every time!

    So at the moment they're in a Ferplast happy farm something or other which I got v cheap 3rd hand and it's inside as it's obviously not fox proof. They have plenty of room and also go out in a home made run when I can supervise, which is every day but not always for very long. But my OH, who doesnt share my passion, is getting keen to reclaim the dining room, so I need to make housing decisions. 

    What have people found worked best for them with itty bitty seramas? Looking forward to hearing your collective wisdom! 

  17. Still can't see anything there this morning, think a mouse is likely though as it's been so cold. One could have snuck in to keep warm. Wilma seems pretty much back to normal this morning so fingers crossed this will all be forgotten by bedtime tonight! 

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