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  1. Hi guys My little girls are doing well but I think they might be alittle spoilt (ssshh dont tell my husband that I think he's right, Ill never hear the end of it) I like to give them the fresh kale and gardens that I have grown in the garden as they are on a wood chipping run. They also love sweetcorn. They are on a new food whichfor the first few days they ate up and seem to love it. Then they stop eating it. They seem to be waiting for me to go out and give them some kale or spring greens. This has been going on for weeks. They have stopped eating out of their feeder for some reason and will only eat their normal food if I mix alittle porriage oats into in and make what I can chicken porriage lol. I work from home so can go out and talk to them when ever I want. They seem to be looking for me all the time and im so soft I go out and talk to them. They even got out the other day and came to the dog flap at the back door looking for me. I'm going away at the end of may and am relying on family and friends to look after them. So they will only be seen to in the morning and put to bed so my questions are 1) Are they being spoilt?? 2) How do I get them to eat from the feeder and stop wanting special attention?? 3) Will they starve?? Very worried about leaving them for the first time. How sad am I lol????
  2. Hi Dont know how old maggie is, we rescured her from a neighbours garden. She wasnt his and we couldnt find the owners. Maggie is a warren and shs lives with helga who is amber. We have had maggie since november and helga since december. Helga was 18 weeks old when we got her. maggie doesnt have swollen eyes or runny nose. The coop is cleaned everyday and the bedding changed once a week. Their run is wood chippings for chickens, its raked and cleaned.
  3. Please help not sure what to do. Maggie has started to sneeze a few days ago, wasnt sure what was wrong but kept an eye on her. She was still eating and laying. There doesn't seem to be anythinb else wrong. Eyes bright and beak clean comb bright red feathers all right and fluffy etc. This morning she is still sneezing but has started wheezing too. So ive put some poultry nutritional supplement into their water. Ive also started a course of flubenvet to worm them. Could it be gapeworm? Am i doing the right thing? What should i be doing? Panic Mode in full swing.
  5. Well she has finally done it. My little beautiful quiet girl has laid her first egg. Didnt make any noise like maggie does when she lays. The neighbours know when maggie lays an egg which is still one a day with out fail. Nope the only sign was a little pacing to try and get my attention when i went outside. So a big well done to my white little beauty.
  6. Hi guys Asking advice again. They are saying it might get to minus 8 where we are tonight. Now Maggie and Helga are in a wooden coop built for two and I was wondering if they will be ok or if I need to do something more. Worried about my girls in the cold. I keep their food and water inside so it doesn't freeze etc. Will they be ok?
  7. Hi guys Here again for advice. Love having the girls. They are both very happy chicks. Helgas found her feet and even attachs the run trying to get to my poor dog. Even if said poor dog is no where near the run. My hubby says it looks likd shes saying . "Come on, come on ill have you, bring it in dog" its very funny. Dog just walks off as if to say yeah right chick, im not the one in a cage. Maggie still laying everyday which is amazing. Nothing from helga yet. Anyways advice. My grass. My poor grass. Its under attach big time. We move them every saturday but with the way they are going there wont be any left by spring. My garden is half grass and half veg patch and polytunnel. We plan to move hopefully by end of year so would prefer to havd some grass to show buyers. Is there anything i can do? Ivd read somewhere you can put them on bark?? Is this right thanks again sally
  8. Hi Thought I'd give you a Maggie and Helga update. They like each other. Lol. They are living nicely together in their run. Maggie is still a pig and tries to take things off Helga but Helga is a sneaky one. Takes things from Maggie with out her realising, very funny to watch. Maggie is laying an egg every day and really likes you to know about it. No sign of Helga laying yet. We bought her as a point of lay but no signs yet. Is this normal? Maggie still likes a stroke before bed and I have started to do same to Helga. At first she was nervous but now seems to like it too and now comes when I call her name. Will post pictures when it lets me. Hubby says I've got OCD big time lol. Love my chicks Sally
  9. Help - chickens home alone I am totally new to chicken keeping and was wondering if I could ask some more advice again. Hubby and I are going away for xmas, it was booked before we got our new babies. Now I have managed to get family members to come and look after them except for two days. What can I do? I've read you can leave the coop door open and they will go in themselves. As long as they've got food and water down. Is this right? Very worried about them.
  10. Well today has been an eventful day for Maggie. She Has laid her first egg. It was so exciting can't believe it. Don't think she could either with the noise she made. She is looking a lot better and a lot healthier she has put on some weight and has got her colour back. She's a lovelly deep red now and her comb is looking better too. Her coop and run have been set up and she is loving scratching my grass up lol. So today we went and got her a friend. Helga. (My husband named her as we are going to move to germany in a year or so) Helga is an amber light and is just beautiful. She is very shy and Maggie is definatly the boss in that coop. Won't let Helga near me and doesn't want to share her food. Maggie doesnt share food. If I ever figure out how to put pictures on I will share. Sally
  11. Maggie update Firstly a big Thank you for all the help and information. Maggie has settled in nicely and is in love with her feeder lol. Got her some worming stuff and so vitiams stuff that goes in her water. I think who ever had her before was a women as she seems to love me more then my hubby. She talks alot (well makes noises) when im about and runs out if shed when i call her name. She also takes food out on my hand. Is this normal? Maggie also likes to be stroked before bed. She lays there while i stroke her back then stretchs and goes to her bed. Its very funny. She tells me off if i forget lol. The coop was suppose to be delivered in friday but the delivery company forgot to put it on the van. So hopefully it will come today. We are goung for maggies friend this week and have been trying to come up with a name. Still have no idea. Any ideas? Sallu
  12. Hi Sorry this is going to be a long one. I'm need some help please. A chicken suddenly appeared in my neighbours garden a few weeks ago. At first I thought he got a chicken no big deal but strange. Then we realised that he had no idea that this chicken was in his garden. We think it got in through a broken fence panel and couldn't get out. So mission save the chicken took place. We waited till he went out (he's a weird old guy that is a total slob and collects things. Got the chicken and set her up in our empty shed with a run outside. Got her a feeder and a water thing. Put some food down she was starving. Talked to neighbour it wasn't his. Asked round and no one came forward. So we've decided to keep her. We have since ordered her a coop which should be delivered soon. So what I am hoping is you can tell me what else I need to do? I've sent a picture of her to a breeder and he says she's a warren? We call her Maggie. There hasn't been any eggs at all. Do I need to get her checked out? She looks good alittle skinny but her feathers are all clean and fluffy. Her feet look fine too. If I'm doing something wrong please tell me. No experience with chickens at all. Got a book but advise from an experienced person would be much appreciated. Thanks

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