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  1. Really sorry to hear about your lost girls. What an awful night.
  2. Chickens......check Roomba.......check. Well I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.
  3. In the short time (9 months) I've had my girls, they have have probably been broody as much as not. I always put them in the shed or garage as I haven't the heart to leave them outside. One has just spent two days in a dog crate in the garage. I popped her back in the eglu at night, and had no problems with them getting along in the morning.
  4. Thanks so much everyone. I think I need to have a good measure up and see what I can plan on paper. In the meantime, loving the shoe rack idea, especially as I have one exactly the same waiting to be disposed off as soon as we finished decorating the room it's in.
  5. I have looked at the run inspiration thread, but I have not seen anything as small as mine would have to be, as I'm planning to go up rather than out. I will measure it tomorrow, but I'm guessing it's around 1m at its narrowest and 1.6m at the other end, in a triangular shape. I'm sure I'll have to plan something myself, nothing I can buy will fit that shape. I'll benefit from not crawling on hands and knees to clean it, but will the girls appreciate height up, or will it just be for my benefit?
  6. Hmm. I hadn't really thought of a Go Up, it still looks a bit low to me, and not sure I could persuade my husband to replace all that we have bought less than a year ago. It is an odd/small shape for a walk in run. May be a challenge.
  7. I would like to give my chickens a more interesting run. They free range a lot, but I think they may be a little bored when in the run. The 3m eglu run is also a pain to clean, so I'm wondering if it's possible to build a higher run that has more room for perches etc, and easier to clean as I could get inside, but the foot print as the current one. I have a concrete base with sleeper surround that was built for the chickens, and a patio paved around, so really can't make the footprint bigger. Suggestions welcome. Laura
  8. Thank you everyone. The noise isn't really early morning, its general noise throughout the day. On a good day I don't hear a peep, on a bad day, it can be on and off all day. She must like like the sound of her own voice. Neighbours do have some noise of their own, children etc, but generally its very quiet around here. When most are at work and school it's almost silent (except for the girls) lol. I think one of the main problems is that it's just not a noise that most people are used to hearing so it stands out. It isn't just the neighbours though, like I said it is causing stress at home too. I really don't want to not have chickens, so I am going to rehome Maude (I have someone to take her) and hope that sorts the issue. At the weekend, I am also going to try and make sure there is plenty to keep the other two occupied, and see if there's anything else I can add to their run to keep them busy. Thanks again everyone
  9. Essex. 5 minutes from lakeside shopping centre.
  10. Well unfortunately it does seem that I have to do something regarding the girls. We have had a complaint, and to be honest, the worry about the noise is causing a lot of stress at home. Having to run out and shh them every 10 times a day, especially at weekends when my husband is at home is causing a bit of a drain. The main culprit is my number one hen Maude, though she's not the only one. If I were to rehome only maude, do you think the other two would quieten down, or when they establish who's boss, will the new top chicken assume the role of noisy girl? It's been a stressful few months, but I want to do what's right for everyone. If rehoming one will bring peace, then great, but id rather rehome all three together than then rehome the other two after if it's still a problem. Many thanks for any seasoned advice.
  11. They are the hardwood Woodchips from Flyte So Fancy. I had heard about bark developing mould spores which was bad for chickens, so I made sure I ordered hardwood chips.
  12. I bought a few sacks of Woodchips a while ago. Used some in my run, and put an opened bag of woodchip away in the garage for later. Gave the run a rake over this morning and thought I'd top it up with some more chips. When I got the bag out of the garage and sliced the plastic open I noticed it was very damp in there, and had white stuff, which I'm guessing Is mould on it. I'm sure I know the answer, but just checking as I'd rather not waste it. Will it dry out and be useable? Or even when dry, is the mould harmful to the birds? Many Thanks
  13. Thanks Jimnpaula I showed my husband, thinking he'd think I'd gone mad, but he suggested he try making one. If that doesn't go to plan, I may order one.
  14. My immediate thought was that it looked a bit silly, but the more I look, the more I'm coming around. I'm tempted too. Would like to see it in action.
  15. As title really. My chickens enjoying their watermelon in the sunshine.

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