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  1. Could you try a ice pack or a heat pack on her leg to see if it helps? Don't really know what else to suggest... Hope she feel better soon. Gina.x
  2. Got my mocks and three actual gcse's just after christmas holidays. So all the teachers are setting lots of homework- yet no revision time- everyone in year 11 is so overloaded at the moment. English teacher is setting us a essay to do every week aroundabout until the real exams. Billions of books as well!!!
  3. no, its a lot more like a brownie- less cakey texture, more fudgey.
  4. Got a message in the mail from the hairdresser with a christmas card to give to friend or relative, which has a voucher for a free £29 pound hair cut. Giving it to my mum as part of her christmas present
  5. i've been using the lush let them eat cake lip balm. Smells delicious Also have various tubes of lip balm..
  6. http://www.instructables.com/id/Mug_Brownie/ just found and made this. very tasty- only took one minute 10 to cook Sorry to introduce another quick recipe... just click on next step to see how to make it. Gina.x
  7. A stocking I've made for my dog for christmas inside its lined with white faux fur, the outsides done with black faux fur and the pads are pink felt.
  8. the new ipod nano is cool... so many colours...
  9. Just found this pic which was so cute i had to post it . Shes decided to take over our rocking chair as her new bed. So i thought we might as well put another bed on it to protect it...
  10. Sasha the staffie x collie x lab 8 years old next month
  11. no pics.. But i did get a chicken egg cup in my stocking
  12. happy xmas i got a chicken egg cup in my stocking

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