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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, it must be devastating. Another vote of confidence in the Omlet runs from me - I've had my two full height WIRs for my rabbits for two years and they've been secure in them since then. A year ago I moved to the edge of a village adjacent to farmland and see foxes all the time - my bunnies occasionally thump ( they did last night) but the runs seem to be 100% secure. I've got mine meshed underneath due to the rabbit propensity for digging and I have the skirts very securely pegged down. I'm as confident as I can be in them. Good luck!
  2. Really sad news, an amazing writer and an amazing man. RIP Terry, you will live on in your books.
  3. Do hybrids tend to be quieter then? What about ex-batts? I know there are no guarantees but if certain breeds/ types are known to be quieter I'd go for them to start with for added peace of mind??
  4. Horrid today - grey and with a really cold wind. It's the first day off I haven't been out in the garden for ages. Sunny tomorrow though, hurrah!
  5. Aww they look so happy! My friends picked up their BHWT trio on Saturday and they think their combs are reddening up and they look more feathered already - after two days! They are already madly in love with them
  6. Sounds like you are doing brilliantly! I have a house full of "stuff" which I must get sorted. After the garden and chickens are sorted though!
  7. I haven't even got anything in the greenhouse yet! Been too busy messing about with tree clearing, building rabbit runs, chicken courses and painting sheds and plant pots! I do, however, have the greenhouse cleaned and ready and my seeds in front of me ready to start tomorrow. I've got courgettes, tomatoes, peas, sugar snaps, runner beans, kale, ruby chard, basil, coriander, borage, sunflowers, nasturtiums, calendula, watercress and rocket. I'm also doing pots of cat grass and pots of pea shoots and carrot tops for the bunnies. Hopefully my strawberries, raspberries and herbs from last year will do ok again and I'll pick up chillies, sweet peppers and cucumbers from a cheap local garden centre as I never have much luck germinating them.
  8. Thank you for all the lovely positive replies - I'm off to the chicken place tomorrow to pick up my run flooring so I guess it's a go! Have decided to stop worrying and go for it. I'm going to keep them immaculately clean and look after them so well no one can possibly have any complaints! I bought a big bag of aubiose today for my rabbits, the chickens can share it!
  9. They look like such lovely characters! Hope they enjoy the WIR. I had the tree surgeons in last week - one terrified me when he was 25 ft up balancing on branches and he started the chainsaw!
  10. You are all making me feel sooooooooo much better! I've also arranged to go and visit my frIends 3 hens this week, hopefully that will reassure me. It's been a horrible blip because I really want them. I'm in the process of buying this house, we've rented it for the past 10 years, and this morning I started to think I didn't want to live here if I cant have my girls. Also I've bought an Eglu, run, fencing and a WIR already Yes me too, the ones attached to me are pretty loud.
  11. I'm having a small pre chicken acquiring psychological blip As I've previously posted here I'm planning 3 hens in my garden. I live in a smallish suburban semi detached house with a reasonable sized garden and already have 3 cats and 2 house bunnies ( just built them an outdoor WIR for the summer). I'm just worried about annoying the neighbours really. I've been out in the garden this morning and you really can hear every word from other gardeners. On the plus side the birds were making a lot of noise (pigeons, magpies, crows and the usual small birds singing) and there's a dog that barks a fair bit two doors away. I'm not really close to any of the neighbours, just hellos in the street really as I keep myself to myself. They are all generally a lot noisier than me with music, kids yelling etc. I really want these girls but my worse nightmare would be getting fond of them and having to get rid of them because someone has complained. Any advice?
  12. My dad says he'll come round an have a look. Your walk in run set up looks fantastic - as do your girls, what lovely colours
  13. Ha! I spent ages trying to figure out what they were sitting in
  14. Thank you all for the advice, think the full height WIR will be best then. I've got some saved logs and branches from my tree removal so I can add levels and perches to make things more interesting for them plus they will be out a lot as well. I must admit I love the full height bunny run I have - though it's been too cold and my girls haven't been in it much, the fact that i can go in and sit with them is a major bonus. And it looks cool in the garden too, of course! Beantree - perhaps I'd be better to try and get a Cube instead of the Eglu in the future if I want more hens. My garden isn't massive so three seems ideal for now anyway. I'm completely flummoxed re attaching my wire mesh, I'll ask my dad if he can do it, if not think ill ask Omlet.

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