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  1. I have a plastic dog crate on the floor in the corner of my WIR it has a divider so it provides two lovely nest boxes - it has the bonus that as it is on the ground they none of them want to sleep in it! I also have an open Eglu and run inside the WIR for birds that need isolating for one reason or another and at the moment my two creamy leg bars are laying their lovely blue eggs in there. We wondered why we'd had no eggs from them for a day or so!!!
  2. I have 8 at present but have had more and will again in the future as I would like to hatch some fertile eggs under one of my girls this summering - they have free access to the 24' x 12' WIR 24/7 and access to an Eglu too but never use it
  3. My WIR is 24' by 12' roofed, constructed of wooden frames with weldmesh. It stands on large, liberated, London paving slabs. The centre is earth so the girls can dig around.We have plenty of foxes around but I don't lock the cube door, they can't get in to the run - they tend to try and dig where the 'wall panels' meet the concrete and because they can't dig they give up - they don't think, "Oh if I move out about 2 foot away I can dig under the paving slabs" The only time I lock them in the Cube is when the snow is blowing a hoolie.
  4. I have had hybrid POL and they were pretty varied - I hand fed them every day, sat with them and played the radio in their run whilst I worked in there. Some loved wandering around my feet and attempting to grab anything that wiggled, the grandchildren picked them up and cuddled them. The White Leghorn was the least happy to be picked up. This time I have 9 youngsters, 8 - 10 weeks a week ago, so that I can work with them for longer, from a young age. They are already sitting ON my hand if I have maggots from the fishing shop!!! I have two Buff Plymouth Rock Bantams, three Cream Legbar, one Welsummer, one Wernlas Olive, one Brown Leghorn and one Welbar. They are lovely and already have very different characters. The two banties are the most inquisitive! Good luck what ever you choose - I don't know what is best -I think what ever you have if you work with them consistently they will be friendly and calm.
  5. Got a bit carried away They are getting used to me, Nutmeg (GS Guide Dog pup) and the grandchildren. Nutmeg thinks she isn't sure these count as hens so isn't really sure she needs to treat them as such - can't she just give chase a bit? All have grown already and some definite characters are coming out.
  6. Went to Wernlas and now the proud possessor of: 1 Welsummer 3 Cream Legbars 1 Welbar 1 Wernlas Olive 2 Buff Plymouth Rock bantams 1 Brown Leghorn all gorgeous and sweet and 8 - 10 weeks old - so plenty of time to get them seriously friendly. Lots of hand feeding and gazing in rapt delight. Have taken the bars out of the Eglu and put straw in. They are way too small for the cube at the moment. No names yet except - obviously - Olive!
  7. I am starting over as my flock has diminished to a couple of bird. I given them to a friend and am now about to restock. I am thinking of two or three Creamy Legbar, a couple of bantams or Pekins and 4 Pure breeds. Anyone got any suggestions for breeds - I am off to the Wernlas Collection on Thursday.
  8. I know this post was a while ago but I couldn't resist saying.................You have grass AND hens?
  9. I have done what Redwing suggested but with one of those multicoloured chopping sheets - you know the ones where you have one for each food type. They had got a bit roughed up and were being replaced so I cut one in half, burned two holes with a red hot nail and clipped it over the Glug with zip ties. Works a treat. Must say girls actually prefer their bucket water container - lies on its side and forms a trough that they can't perch on!!
  10. Don't want to have to isolate her for too long so would really rather just worm her individually with the grapes!! Also where might I get Avipro (Pets in the home?) on a Sunday? could I give her yogurt? if so, how much, teaspoon? Have Bokashi. Thanks all
  11. sorry folks but since the new look pages I can't find the dosing suggestions for Flubenvet 1% per hen using the grape method. Now Ginger is in isolation and the grape method will really make sure she is treated. Thanks
  12. Yes all wormed with Flubenvet in their feed for 7 days, three months ago - will isolate and do as you suggest. might give her another dose on grapes whilst she is isolated for 7 days again.
  13. Hi folks - I have a chicken with loose poop and consequently very messy feathers below her vent. She is eating, drinking and laying fine!! Any suggestions for treatment appreciated 'cause I'm fed up with having her in the kitchen sink every day or so to wash off the concrete poo. The other 6 are all fine - I've had the odd slight transient messiness before but not this continuous mess. Thanks Maggie
  14. I don't have rubber seal - should I ? I am getting water in my egg port/nest box - not much but some! - and have always had to put hemcore in to absorb it under the straw.
  15. Two plastic trowels, paint s"Ooops, word censored!"er, bucket and gloves.

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