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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone may be able to give me some advise - yesterday we got 2 x female Indian Runner ducks for our large garden. We purchased them from a commerical farm, they are last years ducklings, so I am told. We have owned Aylesbury ducks before, but this was many years ago now and I don't remember them having problems settling. We bought the Indian runners home yesterday and they were understandably terrified. They didn't eat all day and they spent most the time in their house.. I did once spot them splashing around on their pond. We currently have them in a large run with their house and pond, but we'd like them to have free range of the garden for foraging once they have settled, as I think it would over whelm them now. My concerns are that they are so terrified of us, that although they are now eating a little (but in the comfort of their house) they won't come out and explore their new home. I know they need time to settled, but they are particularly nervous, which I wasn't expecting - is there anything we can do to make it easier for them? I hate to see them stressed and I worry they might hurt themselves in a frantic panic! Some have suggested peas, but they won't eat a thing unless I put it in their house and even then they aren't eating much. Any advise would be gratefully received! I just want them to be happy ducks and seeing them both huddled in the house and not doing anything else breaks my heart to see.