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  1. Somewhere on this site I read about the Lazt Kitchen Gardener. I got it from Amazon and tomorrow I am getting a shed load of manure delivered to the allotment!!! Great book, crazy ideas. Lots of mums are collecting loo roll middles for the spring transplanting. I would love to hear from anyone who has tried his no dig methods. But he never included how quick chicken poo broke down compost, I recon mine goes at twice pre poo days
  2. I can't wait to take the girls to the allotment I will try them in pairs, the boys will love to take them out. It isn't uncommon to see ferrets on leads around here, but has anyone got a hen collar We have serious rabbit problems on the allotment, so all beds need fencing, which is perfect for hens. Now I am way more inspired to build the veggie cages. Has anyone north of Nottingham planted thier potatoes yet? When should they be planted?
  3. We have a new allotment covered in long grass. I have two questions, 1/ does anyone take thier chicks to the allotment for a visit? how dose this work out? 2/ how do you keep the grass on the paths short, our neigbours have a very smelly strimmer, is there a more holistic way?
  4. I mentioned this method of fox control, but my man made a sort of manly noise and walked away. The 5 + 6 year old boys promptly peed all down the path before I relised what they were up to But I'm sure that they are too young to have the effect. I would be glad of the useof the jug, but I get the impression this is not a matter for discussion
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    missed it Now its a new egg, I hate going to work and missing life!!!
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    Confused......... I regularly check the eggcam, but all I have ever got are vertical lines of colour with the date 6 Jan 2005. How do I see the hatchings? they sound great
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    I got it to move, now to go back to posting those photos
  8. We let the boys chose the names, Black as in the family name, coming fisrt as is common in Asia. Ball for the silkie, which is what she is, and Rip for the leghorn because I find the mind of a 4 year old a bit 'different'. We will be geting more...........................
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    the egg is big but the image is ment to move but I have to give up now, at least I've got bits on my signature, had fun learning all this, better than telly.
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    here goes........................... I'm trying to put up an avatar

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