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  1. We have two girlie pigs in our Nursery class which I am responsible for. They are so sweet and the children love them and all their antics. We keep them indoors but they too have an outdoor run. They are used to being handled and are really very calm and friendly. The way to their hearts is through food so feed them when petting.
  2. I made fleecy liners for my guinea pig cage. They work so well as the wee passes through it into the liner below leaving it touch dry. Poo and food bits can be swept off and the top then the liners can then be washed in the washing machine. I made them from mattress protectors and sewed fleece onto the top of it with a border around the side edge. I have two so I can change them frequently. My daughter has asked for a Christmas fleece to be made into liners for December!!!!
  3. Ah I totally sympathise with you! A year on I'm still looking for motivation to restart the yoke of a cardigan:( Good luck getting going again:)
  4. Thank you to my secret Santa:) I received the most beautiful embroidered picture, framed ready to hang. It has exquisite stitches and must have taken a vast length of time to complete. Rather wow! Will upload photos tomorrow:)
  5. Oooooh my parcel arrived this week:) I've been very good and put it under the tree! Can't wait to open it!!! Thank you secret Santa:)
  6. An iTunes voucher is a great choice. He sound just like my son! M&S do a multipack of Angry bird socks which are great. The characters can't be seen when wearing shoes:)
  7. I so love these crafty swaps. I have narrowed my crafty thoughts down to two potential projects:) Distracts me at work as I'd rather be crafting!!
  8. Over the last few years I've noticed an increasing number of t-shirts/jersey tops have developed a number of small holes at the front. A lady at work said she'd had the same problem and it was due to t-shirts rubbing on the metal button of jeans, especially when working at the work bench in the kitchen. The answer is to tuck your top into your jeans or wear an apron. Despite such measures I am disappointed to say two brand new pretty White Stuff tops developed holes in them after two wears ( I have noticed the fabric is much thinner than usual). It seems such a shame to throw them out. Anyone have any creative/crafty ideas how to repair/disguise holes in t-shirts making them wearable again??
  9. Thank you for the warning! My bees have been a tad tetchy recently too. The weather is an interesting theory. I had a terrible experience last week with one hive. I went in late in the evening to swap a frame and put in a queen cell. The minute I opened the hive they flew in my face, stung me on the legs, hands etc. quickly swapped frames and walked away. Unfortunately lots of following bees who continued to sting. It took me ages to get rid of them! One or two managed to get in my suit! Ouch! When I got in I realised my back was itchy, it was rather late so I went to bed. Within minutes I was covered with a hives rash head to foot! Googled bee stings and realised I was having an allergic reaction. Woke DH, my heart racing, felt dizzy and sick. Passed out! OH very worried rang emergency services. However laying out on the cold tiles cooled my rash. As I had no breathing difficulties I went to bed rather than the hospital as I had work the next day. Woke up to an incredibly swollen face the next morning from the histamines. I'd been stung about 8-10 times. Ended up having a day off work. Haven't been stung since but I'm off to the drs tomorrow. I'd like to know what will happen next time!
  10. I like the kids suits at Modernbeekeeping.co.uk
  11. AJuff

    A queen question

    All was well in my hive until my marked queen disappeared two weeks ago She had been poorley mated last year and was not very big. I had considered replacing her but since the weather warmed up she has done a great job building up rapidly. So without a queen I rang a friend. She knew of a lady who had a queen . . so I drove out to collect her. A very sad hive with a queen and about 20 attendants . . I brought them home and put them in my hive and waited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nothing??? Or at least I think no eggs. Without eggs and the chance of a new queen I put in a frame of eggs from a friend. (Interesting thing is I couldn't see any eggs on the frame but my friend assured me there were day old standing up eggs. Failing eye sight????) I took a quick peek today and there are about 10 open queen cups with C shaped larvae floating in royal jelly. So my question is . . as the hive is still very busy on one brood box and almost a full super . .will a queen hatch and tear down the other queen cell/kill the other queens or is there a chance they could swarm with one of them????
  12. AJuff

    School Bees

    Two hives and two nucs in place on Sunday ready for the children returning from half term. They were so excited. The apiary can be seen by all children on their way to the dining hall behind ceiling to floor glass (with no windows). The hives face the glass so the children see the bees out bringing pollen back. Sunny days this week have got them off to a good start. They have generated so many questions that I have put a stripy bee box outside my classroom for children to pop their questions in rather than disturb my teaching all throughthe day! It's wonderful! June and July are for staff training and for children to become accustomed to bees. However our Y4s who will be leaving us in July are so keen I may have to bend the plans and go ahead with Buzz Club just for them. I have an army of willing aprent helpers . . still a little unsure how I can manage to accomodate everyone!!!! Will post pictures when I finish report writing and have a breathing space.
  13. I met with HTeacher after school today. She was very supportive and told me to take it on the chin, learn from it and move on. I think I've taken it to heart too much.

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