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  1. Hi I have had my 3 girls for a while now (3 Hybrids) I decided to get them a chicken swing. U installed it yesterday to a massive fuss. The ladies are terrified of it, not just a little bit scared, they stay in the complete other half of the run now and if they even glace at it they squawk and run away. Not even corn could get them within a metre of it. fingers crossed they will man (rooster) up.
  2. Cheers for the suggestions, whilst i don't mind the bare earth so much, i am noticing a few flies in the run. I may just chuck in one bag of aubiose or easichick/bed and see how i get on.
  3. Hi, I am now set on leaving the eglu go + run where it is (rather than chasing the dwindling grass) as such i need a recommendations for a decent bedding to use for the run. The run is the standard "GO" run with an extra metre. The whole run is covered by the clear rain covers sold by omlet (with a fetching cammo net on top to trick them into thinking they are in a Forrest), but as the run slopes outwards slightly the ground will still get wet around the edges. As i still rent at the minute I don't have the option to put a permanent concrete base down so the bedding will be on top of bare earth at the minute. Any help would be well greatly appreciated Dan
  4. Hi, i'm very new to this but, your concern was also my largest concern. I sleep with the window open as suggested but what i also have done is move the shade over to the end where the coop is (Eglu go ) and position the coop so the sun rises across it rather than straight at the front or the back. I get up for them at 7 every day and they are silent before then, you can't hear them over the wild birds anyway. Fingers crossed though, as it is early days so things may change especially if it gets a bit hotter. I think that they are creatures of habit, if you get up and let them out at 5am on day one they'll get a bit fidgety at 5am on day 2. I shut them in the coop but that is mainly because I remove the food every night, I imagine if you remove the food every night and let them rise when they like they will soon tell you that they want some food. Best of luck.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, One thing I notice is that I get better egg production days when I am at work, so they are locked in the run all day filling up on their rations rather than free ranging picking at grass and me being there giving treats etc. I'm going to start keeping them locked in their run until afternoon at weekends in future to make sure they get all they need from their main food. Have to admit though they go mental for mushrooms.
  6. Hi, In the past I've been well into my weightlifting so have a decent understanding of high protein, low fat, low sugar foods . Mushrooms are some kind of freak of nature in this regard (lots of vitamins too including D), as such i figured they would be good for chickens, to give them something they will go nuts for but won't harm their diet in the way that corn will. Anyone have any thoughts? the only thing I can think is that it would fill them up pretty quick and they aren't really calorific. (i'm talking mushrooms for human consumption by the way rather than random fungus) Dan
  7. I had a couple of eggs laid outside the coop (eglu go), I decided to add a little more shade to the front of the coop to make it darker inside and make the nest box more inviting and nice and fluffy with paper and wood chips. Not had an egg in the run since, but then it has not been very long and i am new to this.
  8. Ah that explains that! makes them much easier to pick up and check over too
  9. That is exactly how i'd describe my two i can fee the breastbone but in is not sharp. The marran is a different story, but she is by no means fat.
  10. Right, will cut down treats and see how we go. I think i will start to weigh them regularly to make sure things are moving in the right direction Now i need to start eating more eggs, I've given 8 away in the last week.
  11. Update. All three are now laying, last to lay was the Speckled Marran the egg was absolutely massive, she is big now, dwarfing her sisters, it seems the amber and goldline put all their energy into egg production, as they are not putting on much weight, but both have laid every day for a a couple of weeks now. They are all very well behaved and have become very tame, I have found them to be very picky with treats, the love mushrooms and corn on the cob and also a little mash potato but can take or leave anything else (berries / tomatoes) I read somewhere that they like to feel like they are under a tree canopy, so i bought a camouflage net to go on their run, looks cool. My only worry now is i don't seem to be getting though my Layers mash very quickly, any tips on making them a bit more excited about it?
  12. It was tiny but absolutely perfect. Nice coloured yolk stayed nice and close in the frying pan. Worth all the poop
  13. Things have calmed down alot. I had my first egg this morning I'll bet it was the goldline

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