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  1. Hi everyone. I have had hens for a long time now but I haven’t seen this before in that both of my new hens (24 weeks old) have started laying some thin shelled and some completely shell-less eggs? Has only just started over the last week or two although they have been laying beautifully since about 18 weeks and it’s been on/off over the last fortnight. I have just started worming them and my original 5 year old and they are 3 days in on flubenvet pellets. In the past when I have had the odd softie or thin shell I have used limestone flour but I have read recently that calcium
  2. Yay all done! I held them and hubby cut and it wasn’t too tramatic thank goodness! Thanks for all of your help xxx
  3. Thanks everyone for your great advice. No she’s not white - I have purposely avoided white hybrids with Leghorns in them because I know they can be very flighty and our garden just doesn’t suit that. I have never had to re-cut after a moult either so it should only be when they are young thank goodness. I appreciate all the advice and have also watched lots of YouTube videos as well so hopefully we are good to go today! Wish us luck!! Shes the lady on the left - named Fred by my 19 year old son who likes buck trends and name all of his hens male names!
  4. Hi everyone. I am after a bit of advice please. We just picked up two beautiful hybrids from an Omlet recommended breeder who we have used before and they have settled in wonderfully (although still separated currently from our old ladies as a slow intro). Yesterday one of the newbies exhibited amazing flying capabilities of the likes I have never seen in 13 years of chicken keeping! She flew from ground level to land on my shoulder with absolutely no run up - literally a standing start! When we collected her I asked the farmer to clip their wings but he said they don’t do that anym
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have sent the poo off for analysis at the chicken vet place online. 0 egg count and 0 coccidiosis. She was given two courses of antibiotics, one course of anti fungal and two of anti inflammatoires! And has had about 6 weeks of pro biotics (Avipro). Not sure what else to try! The problem with keeping her clean is that when I wash her off she only stays clean for about half a day. By the end of the day, it is covered again. She does dust bath which helps of course but my theory is - is it worth washing her every day if more is going to be there or is it bett
  6. I am really in need of some advice please here because I am so confused and at my wits end with one particular lady of my flock. In April I collected my first ever rescue hens - 2 of them - and I was so excited to be able to help but wow has it been a steep learning curve! Anyway, the help I need with the one I have left (the other has to be PTS unfortunately) is this:- Since getting her she has had a dirty bottom. I have tried two different vets and more money than I would want to admit and still we are no closer to a solution. I don’t think we will ever sort it actually. She la
  7. Hi - I had a bad bout of this a few years ago and it didn’t matter how many toys they had or space or anti peck sprays, once they learn feathers are nice it’s a hard habit to break! I used bumper bits but it didn’t stop it because they could still pull out feathers with them on! Amazing really. The only way I permanently broke them was the hens glasses (not the horrible ones that pierce the nose of course just the ones that attach in the same way as the bumper bits). They act as the opposite sight restriction to horses blinkers, ie, they can’t see directly in front of them and although tha
  8. Thank you - that’s great. Never heard of cankers but I have a vet appointment tonight to see if I can get an antifungal prescribed so I will ask him/her to check her throat too. My usual vet wants to check via a sample to see if there is Candida (thrush) present but if there is she won’t prescribe anything anyway so what’s the point of spending money to get the test done? If this vet will prescribe I will get it tested but I have already spent in excess of £80 trying to get to the bottom of it! (Sorry for the pun!). 4 vet visits and we aren’t really much further forward. I have bought can
  9. I really need some help from anyone out there with experience with vent gleet please. I have had chooks for 12 years now and this is a new one on me! 5 weeks ago I collected two rescues hens from the BHWT (ex-“free-range”). They were skinny and partially bald as expected but I thought they were otherwise fine. One had a runny bottom so I thought oh dear worms or stress or something and set about worming they and settling them in which they did really well. However the bottom didn’t clear up. It was red swollen around the vent and ran what looked like liquid poo down her bare red bott
  10. Thank you for the great suggestions. The only issue is that when I have tried to do this before it has set up a bit of stumbling panic around the eglu and scared the life out of me because I thought someone would get hurt. I will give it a go though if you think sleeping together is a help towards calmer intros? Then it would worth a bit of a flap around? What do you think? Really appreciate the help thanks.
  11. Hi - it has been ages since I have posted in here and it’s so good to be back! I am really excited to be getting my first rescue hens ever! I have had hens from point of lay for about 10 years now and so I finally feel able to take on some rescue ladies and it feels lovely to be doing my bit. I am concerned though about the inevitable intro fights. I am able to keep them separate easily enough though but my old ladies (age 4 and 5) will have to sleep and lay in a cat box in the walk in walk run with access to the garden as the new ladies will be in the eglu classic with the run attache
  12. Mine love the pumpkins and eat it all up But I was just worried about feeding them the gourds? Are they safe?
  13. After a lovely trip to the pumpkin farm we are well and truly stocked up! Unfortunately the kids picked some gourds (misshapen and "Ooops, word censored!"bly small pumpkins) which the sign at the farm said were non edible. Does this mean just for us people or can the chicks eat them up for us? They certainly love the big pumpkins!
  14. I am not surprised she was trying to bath in a little bit of soil - mine are just the same - I caught one of my ladies dust bathing in literally a sprinkling of soil on the patio! Her sister was bathing in the soil around the acer tree which is in a huge pot and as the spills of soil landed below her on the patio Maggie was frantically gathering it up to dust in it! I wouldn't mind but I have made them a lovely dust bath in their run with especially bought play sand in it! Cheek!
  15. Good replies above - I would second the WIR idea. I had three girls in a 3 meter run and I had all sorts of feather pecking issues which is so hard to stop even when they move into a walk in run - it's like finger-nail biting! I love my set up now but if I'm truly honest I wish I had gone for a WIR and never bought the original omlet tunnel run - I have had three different generations of chooks overlapping each other for the last 7 years and they have taught each other the awful feather pecking habit which I am still battling to remove. Hope this helps.

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