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  1. Bella is still laying most days. She only crows for about 30 mins but it just seems so early especially at weekends. Also most of our neighbours are retired but as yet have not mentioned the noise. Just have to keep them supplied with free eggs!!
  2. Bella my black Sussex has taken to crowing like a cockerel early in the morning. She doesn't appear to do it at any other time of the day. It doesn't bother me but I'm afraid the neighbours will hear. This has been going on for some time now. Does she think she is a male?
  3. My beautiful Lulu passed away this morning after being poorly since Monday afternoon. I suspected peritonitis and spoke to the vet who suggested being PTS. Lulu died on my lap whilst we were waiting to see the vet. She was only 2 years old but found egg laying a problem from the start. At least she is not in pain anymore. Luckily my other three girls are fighting fit and I am sure they will miss her.
  4. For a few weeks now our eggs have got very watery whites. The yolks are very fragile and tend to break once in the pan. Flavour has not been affected but can't understand why this has happened. I checked on internet and it says it is because the hens are old or the eggs are stale. The girls are only 18 months old and the eggs are fresh. Could the heat be changing the structure? Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Hi, I use it in the coop to hopefully deter red mite and also put it in the girls purpose made dust bath. Not aware that you can feed it to them. Sorry I am no help
  6. Can I ask....may be a silly question, but where do red mite come from, how do they get into the coops?
  7. My chickens have all been laying brown eggs, but for the last two days there has been a white egg among them, I am wondering why the colour has changed, could it be anything to do with diet? All chooks are healthy and happy.
  8. Thumbcat, had our girls since Easter. I too planned their arrival for about a year!! Still get eggcited...see what I did there, when they lay their eggs. I only have four hens but get 4 eggs 5 days a week at the mo.
  9. Thumbcat our girls came from handpecked in Bayford too. Lovely people and our hens are very healthy and happy. They also do free delivery of chicken feed, bedding etc so saves me lugging it. Your girls are beautiful.
  10. My girls have Marriages Layers Pellets. Only because that was what the farm were giving them before I purchased them. They seem to love them.
  11. Bella our Black Sussex laid a huge egg on Sunday. So big I had trouble getting it into the egg box...the lid wouldn't close. It weighed 90grms. Bet that made her eyes water!!
  12. We got our girls from Handpecked chickens in Bayford nr Hertford. They have a website with details. Nice people and our girls are happy and healthy.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I have got the pellets with the wormer already added. Not looking forward to the no treats as the girls nearly flatten me when I appear with the treat bowl each day.
  14. I have two questions can chickens eat bananas? I am new to chicken keeping and have 4 lovely ladies who are all laying well. Also I read somewhere that you should not worm chickens unless they have worms. I was under the impression that they should be done every 3 months. Confused now!!

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