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  1. -sigh- RIP Big Bertha. She hates being quarantined, and it finished her off last night. I tried to keep her entertained and gave her plenty of treats, but she pined and wasted away. Goodbye my funny deep-voiced hen x
  2. RIP Minnie the Minx. Dead this morning completely unexpectedly. She was fine when I put them away last night, but was collapsed and stiff in the nest box when we let the girls out. Will miss my beautiful, flighty little silkie/bantam cross. :'(
  3. Ok, Thankyou! Good to see it's not too unusual. I can be a bit paranoid chicken-wise due to our previous bad luck! She got some goodies while I closed the other two in the run so they wouldn't steal it all! Included protein foods for her feathers and calcium because she laid a shell-less egg the other day. She's a funny bird...she often "tid-bits" food like a mother hen or a cockerel, repeatedly picking it up and dropping it and chittering! Usually she does it to herself, or to "imaginary chicks", but I realised this time that she was actually trying to feed the two girls in the run! Very odd...guess she's just super maternal!? http://m.imgur.com/fotwreO This is Minnie trying to tid-bit feed the other hens a piece of grape!
  4. Minnie spooked us this morning by leaving feathers -everywhere-! First thought was "oh god fox/cat attack?!", but upon catching her (tricky! She's apparently a cousin of the road runner!), I can't find any injuries, and that's correlated by the fact it took so long to catch her! She's a Pekin bantam/silkie cross, and she's a bit under two years old (so in right time for "first moult"?) She's stopped laying for a couple of weeks, but she's never been a strong layer anyway, and the weather has been so bad. She's also the "loner" of my 3 hens, but she isn't bullied, she just tags along when she feels like it. I've checked for lice/mites, and can't find any evidence of them. She did wheeze a little when I caught her, but she calmed down and breathed normally after I put her in my lap for a bit, so I put that down to the chase and cold air. Any reasons why she'd do this moult now? I'm a bit paranoid after having such bad luck with hens in the past, and we've lost one during a moult before. Minnie on my lap, and the feet (moulting scales, but I don't think it's scaly leg because there's no detritus). http://m.imgur.com/a/kAmJQ
  5. I checked her again- there's a few more, but some of the old ones have moved/gone. How strange? (Sorry for the blurry photo, but she was not putting up with the impromptu photo shoot this time!)
  6. Probably just paranoia makes me observant- I've been so unlucky! Yeah, I think it's just some fat deposits, but I hadn't seen them before, so wanted to make sure they weren't "tiny tumors" or "worm eggs" or anything like that! The girlies are on a treat-free diet for a bit until the chub goes- don't want them to overheat this summer!
  7. Minnie the Minx is a silkie cross, and a little chubby! (We're working on it) - I just checked her over and noticed several little yellow "balls" under her skin- is this just fat? They move a little when you palpate the skin. (She's broody at the moment, so a little bald).
  8. Myrtle passed away last night, sitting on the sofa, blanketed by a towel. We found her gently slumped over with closed eyes. RIP Myrtle x
  9. She's very weak now, and refusing any food. We've syringed some into her, we're just hoping that it will go through! We've given her a warm bath, as her feathers were caked in poop because she doesn't move or preen herself. Either she's going to pull through, or she'll die. Our next appointment is on Monday, so we'll see what he thinks then.
  10. She's now been to the vet, where he suspects impacted crop- he's massaged her crop with liquid paraffin. I made some mash out of layers pellets and water and she tucked in happily! She also had an antibiotic injection just in case. Her colour has improved, now that she's getting her blood back, and hopefully if she puts on weight, she could have a chance!
  11. We've been feeding her high protein food for two weeks- cat food, mealworms, crickets, just tried her with waxworms, which she likes! She shows the most interest in meal worms and definitely in live food! But nothing I've done has stopped her losing weight. We may try her with olive oil, but I don't think we can get bait maggots anywhere nearby.
  12. My chocolate Peking bantam, "Moaning Myrtle" has been under the weather since her flock mate "Lady" died, about a month ago. I've been feeding her daily in order to keep her strength up, and she seemed to improve for a while, but in the last week and a half, she started to decline again, becoming anaemic and getting thinner. On Monday we were about to give up on her as we couldn't find what the problem was, but we suddenly discovered they she had lice! After treating her, we checked the other three hens- not a single louse on them! We treated the eglu anyway, just in case, and Myrtle has lived indoors in a cat carrier since. Because it was just Myrtle with lice, the lice were probably just another symptom of something wrong, not a cause. Her comb colour has slightly improved, but she has now dropped all of her weight, and is basically just skin and bones. We have been feeding her, but her crop hardly empties overnight. The water and a little food seems to go, but the rest just lingers. I can make her eat, but I can't make her digest! Is there anything else we can try, or is it just time to go to the vet for the last trip? I think she's just given up now, but she still seems "chipper" and chats to us!
  13. Myrtle definitely seems to be on the mend- she's back to her old self and happily eating any food I offer her! I've been a giving her a bowl of pellet, bird food (sunflower seeds and so on), meal worms, spinach, cheese and grit to pick from, and she has tucked in happily. She's stopped losing weight and may have gained a little more breast flesh over the last two days. I wanted to make sure she gains back the flesh and weight she lost, but is this ok or too fast? I don't want to overload her kidneys or anything with protein!
  14. She's a little better today- she hasn't got much thinner, and she happily scoffed food when we put her out. She has also been pecking around with the other girls a bit! I'm just making sure she gets plenty of food at the moment- need to stop any weight loss! She's also been drinking fine.
  15. She's now had some "baby parrot food", made into mash and mixed with some honey. She ate a bit of it happily, then refused any more. We then put her in the run and tried her with some cat food and spinach, but just she ate one chunk of cat food, then left it, turning around and going into the Eglu. She pooped on me earlier, but there were clear undigested pieces of mealworms and seeds, and the poops was green (could be spinach-tinged). She seems intent on starving to death

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