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  1. The kids certainly did a little egg dance this morning - I think the neighbours already think that I'm mad enough sitting out and talking to the hens. In the end we've been out most of the day so we didn't get to eat the egg yet and are hoping for another one tomorrow so there is at least 2 to share round between the four of us. I'll be sure to let you know what colour Gingernut's eggs are - judging by the size and colour of her comb I think she's still got at least another week to wait. I hope you're right, I like the idea of having distinctive eggs from each chicken .
  2. I'm pleased to report that we got our first egg today (7 weeks and 2 days after we got our hens). We definately noticed a change in Chocolate's behaviour yesterday - flattening herself whenever I approached so we were expecting to wake up to an egg this morning and were quite disappointed when we found the nesting box empty. However, after she'd been out for an hour she went back inside the Eglu and half an hour later there it was.
  3. Thanks. Yes, you're right, it is exciting - looking forward to lunch already Can you see the image - it doesn't seem to be working for me (and I though I was technically minded).
  4. Seems like we've been waiting forever (7 weeks & 2 days to be exact) - but our first egg was delivered this morning courtesy of Chocolate. We noticed her flattening herself to the ground yesterday whilst cleaning the Eglu but no sign of an egg all day or this morning when we let them out. Then just whilst we were eating breakfast Chocolate disappeared back inside the Eglu and stayed there for about half an hour. There was no clucking or fuss, just a small but perfect little (45g) egg for us.
  5. We got our hens from Omlet on May 25th and we're still waiting for our first egg!!
  6. Thanks for the information Charlottechicken. Like Eglutine I like the idea of VAT free energy efficient items. As an aside, I bought a home energy monitor (basically shows you your electricity consumption anywhere around the house) and due to knowing how much electricity things use whilst left on we've cut our electricity bill by about 33% I guess that shows just how wasteful we were before We're also in the process of changing to Scottish Power's H20 tariff so we get super green electricity.
  7. I'm sooo jealous. I can't wait until our girls start laying. Well done Tara!
  8. Oooh, love the Bluebelles - really makes me want to get one too but I think that I'll stick to the plan of getting an ex-battery hen instead once our existing two have settled in and we've got a bit more experience. Great choices anyhow
  9. Very sorry to hear about poor Lola and I can quite understand how upsetting it must be especially for the children. At least it is some small consolation that it does not sound as if it is anything that should affect your other two chickens.
  10. Another thing... I've just been letting the girls out for a while while I pottered around in the garden and Gingernut, quite casually, stepped through the Eglu netting!! This is the 2nd time she's done this - the first time was when she got in a flap when we tried to pick her up and she ran into the netting and got stuck. This required us to very gently push her right through the netting as she couldn't come backwards because of catching her feathers, This time she did it all on her own without being scared at all - she certainly doesn't look like she should fit through such a small hole but....
  11. Not sure how high your run is but I use the 4ft Omlet netting and our wing-clipped Miss Pepperpot can clear that without resorting to climbing on to the Eglu. Luckily for us, as soon as she's escaped she starts pacing up and down the netting until we let her back into the netted off area, I know this doesn't necessarily help but be warned that wing-clipping may not stop them escaping.
  12. A week after we had our Eglu & chickens delivered we came down on a Saturday morning to find a fox laying next to the Eglu. Given the paw prints & scuff marks he'd had obviously climbed all over it and had eventually given up and was just waiting outside. There was no evidence at all of him trying to dig into the run - whether or not this shows that the skirt works I don't know as he may not have tried as the chickens were shut away safely for the night. I had fully expected him to come back but having cleaned the mud off the eglu there has been no further evidence at all of any more nocturnal visits. Of course, I'm not taking any chances and only let the girls free range when we're out and about in the garden. I think that whether or not you know there is a fox in the area you need to take the same precautions but I certainly wouldn't be put off having chickens knowing that there is one.
  13. Yes. I've seen them advertised as a green alternative to wood or charcoal and apparently they burn up to 2 hours. I think I'll order one of the presses for making them and find out for myself unless anyone is able to provide an answer. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on. Andi. (I'm also looking at the plant pots that you make from newspapers - they look great too).

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