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  1. Hiya! I had a lovely Bluebelle Betty who sadly passed away last year... She was certainly the most timid of my girls, but not unfriendly. She became huge though - and I think her heart gave out as she died so suddenly. I currently have my Dotty - a Sussex Star she's gorgeous! I adore her - she is such a sweetie with a lovely personality and lovely plumage. I also still have Mabel Satan chicken the Black Rock! she is the grumpy pecky old girl Rosie the Warren and Olive the Speckledy . I too adore good old Warrens as they are soooo sweet, friendly and inquisitive x I hope you choose some lovely ones and remember to post some photos when you get them!
  2. RIP Poet xxx I am so saddened and shocked to hear the news... My thoughts and sympathy to all her family. I remember reading so many of her posts and debates on here - although I didn't know her she was certainly a character! I also remember when she started crocheting and the beautiful hats she made The crafty threads on here led me to Attic 24/Lucy and my crocheting hobby. We will never forget you Poet xxx
  3. ooooo Cheese naughty but nice lol!!! A big noooooo but I love it too LolaLayla! Plum - how on earth can we avoid cakes/biscuits/chocs at work??? it's impossible! I try soooooo hard, I really do I am feeling better, thank you x Hoping to do a power walk round the park after dropping little chick at School and maybe some gardening and housework at home too. Had weetabix for breakfast, an egg sandwich (on wholemeal) for lunch and cajun chicken tonight and it was very lovely I have upped my fruit intake as well My weight is the same this week (according to my Wii fit )but I am feeling fitter and my clothes are looser so things are going in the right direction! How is everyone else doing?
  4. Thank you so much for all the fish recipes everyone I shall be certainly trying some out! Well - I have been good on the whole, but have some Mothers Day chocolates to eat (well I will share them) and I did make some buns with my little chick on Sunday too Saying all this... I have been battling a virus and I really have been off my food it's left me with little energy and feeling I have been on the Wii (Just Dance) but I haven't done as much walking as I would have liked. I have done garden tidying and housework though so every little counts in my eyes!!! Mr TL has made a curry tonight, I just hope I can eat it! What's everyone else had/having tonight? I'm hoping I feel a little better tomorrow as I want to make some healthy vege soup lol!
  5. Thank you Teabag I love walking as well but I've been having knee problems (must go to my GP) so I'm trying not to overdo things! I have also been suffering with depression so more exercise and thinking time can only be a benefit to me at the moment. I have temporarily reduced my working hours for six months so once I drop my little chick off at nursery I am planning to use some of my spare time gardening (well tidying up after the velociraptors who trash my garden lol ) and going power walking through the park! Sorry mods if this is slightly going off topic - I will get to the healthy eating bit asap! As for the Wii Fit - Just Dance 2 is quite a giggle but I love the Yoga and hula hooping on Wii Fit Plus!!! I also do the step and find that the canoeing game helps the upper arms and my "bingo wings" (lol Lesley). I've had a lovely dinner ( ahem Mods!) I had salmon fillet (drizzled with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar) with salad and it was gorgeous! but... I've had a cheeky glass of white, so may have undone my good intentions I certainly plan to reduce my red meat intake and become more veggie! I think eggs may feature in my diet as well! That's brill Lesley - any extra exercise can only help Welcome too Andrea! Let's hope more join in too xxx I'm the same as you - I hate looking at myself in photos and we are off on holiday in June and I certainly don't want Greenpeace turning up to try and put me back out to sea!!! Does anyone have any nice healthy fish/and or veggie recipesI can try?
  6. Hiya can I join too please? I am also a hibernator! March is always a better month for me as I feel happier once the sun starts to shine and Spring is in the air... I desperately want to shift some weight and this seems very achievable - as long as everyone here keeps me on the straight and narrow I plan to eat more healthily & eat more fish & veg too and get more exercise through walking and my Wii fit! How is everyone else getting on?
  7. Yay!!! I was exactly the same as you... tried and tried... got frustrated but... had a short course, practiced loads... and I cracked it! I absolutely love it now I am a very happy hooker lol! I have made some handwarmers as a gift for my Sister, some for myself and am just making a girly baby blanket for my friends Daughter So well done and happy hooking It's very addictive!
  8. I know Chickens are so funny! After nearly 4 years of having them as pets, they never cease to amaze me or make me laugh Chickens are ace!
  9. Hiya Ever since we lost 2 of our original girls (Rosie 1 and Betty) Mabel has always wanted to sleep in the on her own and Rosie 2, Dotty & Olive sleep in their With the cold temperatures over the last few days I have been using the heatpad for Mabel. Last night was really chilly so I decided to move her in with the others. They all get on well now, so I knew it should be ok... She was fine and I checked up on them a couple of times too They all toddled out happily this morning... Well I came home tonight from work and they were all tucked up together! Awwwww! My Mabel is so clever! I think she must like having friends to snuggle up with again, bless her x The only thing is they have now decided they prefer to lay in the and are lining up in a queue, even though there is ample room in the other nestbox Well you can't have it all, can you?
  10. Hiya I will post some piccies of my memo board asap I'm full of the lurgy and the pics I took with my phone were rubbish and the light was just awful so I will use the camera and see if they improve xxx It's lovely seeing what everyone else received
  11. Thank you Thank you Thank you my Secret Santa I have a lovely fabric noticeboard with chickens and chickeny fabric! It's wonderfully, gorgeously amazing! All I'm left wondering is - has my Secret santa been in my kitchen? The cream and red goes beautifully in my kitchen I left it till last before opening this morning - I was soooo excited! Thanks again xxx and thanks to Plum also for organising it as it's been so much fun xxx
  12. Hiya My pressie has arrived thank you Secret Santa very much x I'm really looking forward to opening it on Christmas Day Many thanks to plum who is a complete star xx ... and i've safely sent mine on it's way too am praying it arrives on time and safely!
  13. Hi there Well... we very sadly lost Betty(2nd of our original girls) two weeks ago... It was very sudden and out of the blue. She was such a big girl, I think it was her heart, bless her. I am thankful she didn't suffer and it was quick. We now have Mabel the last of our originals... Intros with the newbies had been slow - due to Betty violently attacking them whenever I tried intros with them Anyway, because of Mabel being the last one, I knew I had to try and integrate her. Everything went well - a few hackles and handbags but they are getting on quite well now! I have a few worries about Mabel though and need advice: She has had her usual Autumnal moult - mainly her tail feathers. I have been giving lifeguard/ACV in her water. She has stopped laying - I'm thinking this must be her henopause due to her age and she is pale around the comb/wattle area. She is off her pellets - she won't eat them at all! I am giving greens/corn/pasta etc. Do you think I should try growers? She won't let me near her! She squawks if I try to stroke her. Is this because she isn't crouching anymore? She's a naughty little madam! Give her her due, even though she's an old lady she's managed to be 2nd in command and keeps neck pecking poor Dotty and Olive She's on her own in the eglu at night (her choice!), the others are in the cube. Should I try and move her in with the others? How do you think she will cope with winter? Sorry for the long post, i'm just wondering if there's anything else I can do for her! Thanks so much
  14. Hi I would love to take part too Plum... could you add me on the list please? It sounds so lovely! Thanks so much x
  15. ((((hugs)))) Don't delete! I am so sorry to hear your sad news xxx How awful... I suffer with depression myself and have had a few very low periods... I have always managed to come through it though. I lost a dear friend a few weeks ago too totally out of the blue. What a shock it was and what a shock it must have been for all of you. You have really done the right thing by posting on here xxx Be strong and love to you and your friends family x Take care, we are all here for you if you need us xxx

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