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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I have been away. Thanks very much for all your responses. She is fine now, so it was a blib! They now go to bed jointly and have snuggled up when I check on them before I close the coop. I've only had my chickens a month or so but it is amazing how attached you get to them and how lovely they are to have around!
  2. I have my three chickens now for about four weeks and they all went nicely in the eglu from day one! Tonight, however, when I checked to close the eglu, two were in, but one was wondering around (I have a large cage with the coop and run in it) and did not or could not get herself in the coop. She huddled down beside the eglu and I had to pick her up and put her in the run and then she wondered in. What could be the matter? It looked as if she could not find her way in...
  3. Thanks Olly, I was getting worried. I am a very novice hen keeper and worry about getting it wrong! This has reassured me!
  4. One of my chickens has just started laying and produced two wonderful hard-shell eggs. However, yesterday I let them roam free in my garden all day and today I found in the tray of my egglu (where the poo normally goes) one broken very soft shell egg and one egg yolk with no shell. Can it be that because of their roaming in my garden they have not had sufficient calcium to produce a shell or is this common for newly laying chickens? Would it be better if I let them free-range in the afternoon after they have had enough of the layer's pellets, so sufficient balance in the diet for that day?
  5. Thanks for all your help and replies. I had my first egg this morning fried and it was delicious! Never tasted anything like it. I am a proud chickenmum!
  6. Just to let you know... I took Cattails advice and checked the box just now and... found my first egg! What a great experience. I've never been so happy with an egg!
  7. Thank you very much for all your responses. It is nice to find a community out there. I love my three girls and am surprised how quickly I got attached to them. I will be a little bit more patient and replace the straw by wood chips this weekend. I will keep you posted on the first "arrival". Two at least have got quite red combs and waddles so should not be far off then. But indeed they had a lot of changes over the last three weeks, coming from a big barn with lots of POL chicks and moving into the egglu 'des res'. They are quite tame though, eat out of my hand etc. Haven't found any half eaten eggs or such but will check more regularly. Many thanks again!
  8. Hi, I am totally new to keeping chicken and have bought my egglu three weeks ago. I got three Columbian Blacktail hybrids (Bettie, Lettie and Hettie) that have 2 x 6 metres space to roam. I bought them as Point of Lay chickesn and have had them now for three weeks, but... no eggs! I clean the egglu tray every day and put fresh straw in the nest box but the only thing they seem to do in the nest box is poo! I feed them layers pellets and a bit of mixed corn in the afternoon as a treat. They also have grit. Am I being too impatient or am I doing something wrong? Any help for this novice would be really appreciated! Thanks x

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