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  1. This is still available if anyone is interested. Will sell for £300 ono, as we are probably moving in about 4 weeks time. I have also found some new clips and a sun shade.
  2. Hi. Sorry, I’ve only just seen your reply and yes it’s still available, Are you still interested?
  3. We have sold our house but haven’t found anywhere to buy yet so don’t want to have to store the Cube. It has only had 3 chickens in it so is in pretty good condition apart from a few little things. The wheels are a bit bent but still work ok. Some of the clips have broken on the run and a little bit of the seal on the nest box door has gone but still fits ok. I think the wheels will have to be taken off to be able to fit through my gate. it has recently been jetwashed. Selling for £350.
  4. This is now my third summer of having a RIR, a Brahma and a Pekin. Two years ago the Pekin went broody very early but didn't want to stay in the coop (because she is at the bottom of the pecking order?) so she used to scream for hours, literally throwing herself at the soft fencing to escape into the rest of the garden. In the end I let them all go completely free range (a mistake I won't repeat if I ever get more chickens). The Pekin laid about three eggs last year before going broody for the whole season(in the coop this time) and this year she laid well for about three months before going broody in some dense undergrowth. I searched everywhere and couldn't find her for days. I had to wait until she came for food and a bath, then followed her back and took the eggs away. Now she's in the coop sitting on the other girl's eggs whenever she gets the chance! Although she is extremely cute (the reason I bought her in the first place, I just couldn't resist her!), I would steer clear of Pekins in the future. The RIR is the boss and is extremely noisy, annoyingly so. The Brahma is very sweet and makes a quiet honking sound. The noisiest she gets is after laying her egg and it's not too bad. Her eggs have a lovely large yolk. I think it depends on the pecking order as to how they behave. None of them lay eggs throughout winter. Good luck with your quest.
  5. I've found her at last! She showed up for some food and water so I followed her back to her hiding place where she was definitely sitting on some eggs. I'm not quite as worried now as I've heard a couple of stories of chickens going missing for 3 weeks and my garden is pretty safe. It's just nice to know where she is.
  6. My Pekin had been disappearing for an hour or so for the last couple of weeks so I assumed she was laying her eggs somewhere in the garden. Four days ago she disappeared completely and it was only because I saw her briefly two days ago that I now believe she's gone broody. The trouble is I can't find her. I have a big garden and I have poked everywhere with a long stick including in the garage and shed. I am currently clearing all the dense areas hoping I'll come across her. I'm even thinking she may have squeezed into a neighbours garden. If I see her again I was going to follow her to find out where's she's been hiding so I can block it off for the future or do you think I should grab her straight away and put her in solitary confinement? If I can't find her or don't see her again will she be ok? I worry about her not eating enough or dust bathing.
  7. Mine free range in about a quarter of an acre and my Pekin had a secret place a few weeks ago which I found and cleared, hoping she'd go back to the nest box which she did for a while but she has now found a new place where she disappears to for an hour or more. Unfortunately I can't find it! I'm slowly clearing the overgrown areas and hope to find the eggs soon, and keeping fingers crossed that she doesn't go broody.
  8. Really lovely, and very good at sharing too!
  9. My Brahma honks too, although quietly. My Pekin squeaks which is really cute and my Rhode Island Red makes typical chicken noises but is quite loud a lot of the time. I wonder if it's because she's the boss so has to let everyone know. What is really lovely is that when I spend time with them they all 'talk' to me and follow me around.
  10. I returned her and got a refund. He offered to replace her but I didn't want the worry of introducing a new bird just yet. I think I'll get another two next year from a different breeder. The other three are wonderful. When I let them free range they follow me everywhere, hoping that I will spoil them again by digging up tasty morsels. The last couple of weeks have been a joy and hopefully it will stay that way for a long time
  11. The Pekin is great, a dear little bird. It was the Favorelle that was ill. With regret, I took her back to the breeder who gave her the once over and thought she needed worming. He thought she must have somehow been missed as he has quite a lot of birds. He said he would worm her, give her an injection and reassured me that she would be fine. I just wish I'd taken her back sooner to spare her and me the heartache. The rest are doing wonderfully and are all laying now.
  12. Hi mullethunter, I couldn't take her back as she seemed to perk up a bit today. I sprinkled some pellets in front of her and she ate them. Then she scratched around a bit and later on she had a dust bath which made me think she must be on the mend. But then I noticed one eye was a bit sticky and she has had green diarrhoea which I've been searching for on the net and it doesn't sound too good. I think I am probably a bit too sentimental about it all! I have to decide what to do tomorrow. Every time I see her doing something 'normal' I think 'this is it, she's better'. I spoke again to the breeder earlier today and he's happy for me to ring everyday if I want but he also said I can take her back any time too. He hasn't really been forthcoming with any advice, just keeps saying it's ok. I don't think I'll be using him again. The Pekin was an absolute impulse buy but I couldn't resist her and she is SO sweet. I'd post a photo if I knew how!

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