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  1. Stupid stupid me, I used a Brillo pad to try and clean the black mottled stuff off the roof (didn't come off with the pressure washer). Now it has dried it looks terrible, like it's really faded. Is there anything I can do to get the finish back? Wax it or something?
  2. In case anyone is searching for an answer to this...... After removing the back and roof, I unscrewed the side panels of the cube. Then I unscrewed the run and separated it from the cube. Next I unclipped the 2 small bits of run skirt at the back. Then tipped the cube onto its back end before removing and replacing the part. Tip: have some cable ties handy to reattach bits of the run and skirt. I will no doubt be returning to this post for a reminder when I have to replace the other wheel unit, which I can feel is degrading the same way. Hmm I wonder if a quality wooden house would have been this much trouble......
  3. Mine has rusted and I eventually bought a replacement part. However it has arrived with no instructions or clips/cable ties. As I did not construct the original cube I have no idea where to start. If anyone has done it can you tell me if you had to deconstruct the entire thing or were you able to put the cube on its side and do it? I would be grateful for any pointers. Thanks.
  4. Hi, does anyone have an alternative phone number for Omlet/Omlet shop? I mean a normal number, not an 0845. Thanks
  5. Thank you, I've tried the bread option and that has worked so will probably use this method. Is there any reason why I shouldn't mix it with bread? It's just too tricky to do it with a syringe and no extra help. What do you do with the tablets, do they have to swallow them whole?
  6. Can anyone give me some tips please? I have a dropper but have made an attempt which was disastrous and it ended up all over my arm. I'm unlikely to have anyone on hand to help, so is it possible to do it single handedly? She wouldn't even open her beak for long enough.
  7. I think a combination of wet and cold draught can be fatal. Wet or cold on its own is ok, but not so good together. Perhaps shut the eglu door on those nights (if you don't already) to avoid any draughts.
  8. Sorry to hear about your red mite. I had a nasty infestation in my cube last summer and I've kept them away with poultry shield and diatom ever since. I think the 2 products used in combination provide the most effective treatment. Have you got wooden roosting bars? If so upgrade to plastic. Also, make sure you smear diatom over the walls and roof, in fact every surface, I use a cloth or do it with a rubber glove on my hand. I hope things improve.
  9. I think your neighbours will be more than a little angry with you if the problem escalates (and it will if nothing is done about it). They will probably call environmental health and they could then take action against you if they felt you weren't cooperating with them. I'm sure your wife would not want to put your neighbours children at risk of being bitten by a rat or making their gardens a no go zone. I would leave it a day or two and if she's like me, she'll start off stubborn then come round to being realistic! Putting the eglu onto slabs would stop them getting in by tunnelling underneath.
  10. It's a bit extreme but I'll never forget reading about this last year. Never really took the threat of rats seriously before. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1055269/Animal-lover-dies-days-scratched-trapped-rat-trying-free.html
  11. Could one of them be plucking the others? Until recently I had a plucker in my flock and early on she plucked the tummies of her 2 sisters bare. It would look sore but I think that was just part of the blushing comb thing. I never saw her do it until several months down the line. I think she did it in the mornings when they were waiting for me to open the cube up. They didn't grown back until they'd had a moult. When mine have a moult they shake themselves in the run and feathers fly everywhere so I think you'd know.
  12. Good for you getting new girls, it will help you put this horrible and unfortunate experience behind you. I've bought new chickens twice in the last few months and I would suggest you take a really good look at the beaks before accepting a bird. Alot of the hens coming from Europe are being quite severely debeaked and if they are left ragged or split, then further damage might occur down the line. The hens you have listed are from Meadowsweet, where I bought 3 hens recently. Their beaks were all trimmed to varying degrees and I thought I'd got the best ones but a chunk fell off the beak of one of them a few weeks later.
  13. Sorry to hear you are having noise trouble. I can sympathise, having been through it all myself last summer. I have to say though I had 3 ex batts in an eglu at one point and they made as much noise in there as they did in the cube. I resolved my noise problem with a very large blackout (olive green pvc) tarpaulin, not the standard crinkly type. Anything you cover it with has to be 100% blackout. BUT... shoot me down in flames..... I do cover the vents . Any chink of light will wake them up so it has to be totally dark. The tarpaulin skims the bottom of the cube so lets a bit of draft up towards the vents and also in the droppings trays. The long vent at the front is still clear. I use bungee clips from Omlet (can be bought from Omlet for 50p) to hold the tarpaulin down. This resolved my problem last year and I have not had to cover them this year as they are quiet again for some reason. It would be a shame to have to get rid of them when dark mornings are around the corner but I know how stressful it is.
  14. That is terrible for you, I'm really sorry. I noticed that when I had an eglu the eggport handle was much looser than that of my cube and I was concerned about it. Also I have on more than a few occasions forgotten to secure the egg port over night, which is easily done and I could have been foxed but was lucky.

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