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    Research before purchasing ducks

    Just wondering if Baileykalliboo has got some ducks yet? This has been a great thread with lots of good advice. Now I have my ducks I'm enjoying reading back posts.
  2. Quackers45

    New girls, again

    They are so cute!
  3. After weeks of planning and a little construction we now have our two Campbell white girls who we have named Lupin and Nigella. They have been with us 6 days and seem to have settled in really and are well gradually getting used to us. We have the 21ft Eglu fence, an Eglu Classic and have put down a combo of bark scattered across the dirt and a pebbled area with a sand pit pool. They seem really happy, and so are we. They're gorgeous and I'm in love! I have some lovely pics to share but alas I cannot post them yet.
  4. Quackers45

    Research before purchasing ducks

    Hi, I just wanted to saying I've been watching your post and hoping that somebody would respond. I too am planning and preparing for a couple of Pekins or Campbells as a first timer and trying to pick up all the info I can. Good luck! I have an Eglu and 3m run, have just ordered the Omlet 21m fence and I'm preparing an area for them and investigating ground cover/substrate. Thinking 60% pea shingle and 40% hardwood bark. Also planning a light and easy to empty/refill water bucket or trough, and a shell paddling pool from Argos. Have a reasonably large garden so planning to let them FR when I'm around.