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  1. Hi, I created the attached which is still going strong and enables me to remove it and use the normal door, giving full options. I can also maintain it off site. Given it is a smaller and more angled casing it might be harder to do but a similar principle may work. I have found cutting out a very small portion of the cage has not affected security. I guess then you need to find a motor that will work remotely. Here is my link anyway - Rob
  2. Thank you, it is still working well and no security issues at all. Hope it works for others or at least gives them some extra ideas.
  3. Hi all A few months ago I created an automatic door that works for me. I love the Cube and Run but did want an automatic door solution. Yesterday I recorded a quick video of the door in action. It works independently of the Cube so does not affect the sliding door. As with all ideas on this subject there is a snag which you will have to satisfy yourself with. In this case it is cutting out a small area of the wire roof. However this is still very strong and has worked very well for me. This idea will work for anyone that wants full use, cover for just a late morning or break. The door/motor can also be maintained off site so no need to crawl through the run in the rain when the batteries give up or the door needs a clean. The standard up and down door system is also best for the motor and batteries. Here is the video link - hope this inspires you.