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  1. Hi there, I'm quite a new beekeeper as well with a beehaus hive, as the poster above said this forum is not very active, but you might wantto consider the joining http://www.valeanddownlandbees.org.uk/ as I think they are the nearestt to you in Oxfordshire. They have been very helpful to me this year. If you have any questions please ask.
  2. Things are starting to happen on the two new foundation frames, the bees are starting to draw out wax on both frames. I have made up a contact feeder today and will install it a bit later, I'm told that having a feeder in will help the bees migrate to the new foundation quicker because they wont have to go so far for food. I read that "showing" the bees where the their water was would be helped my making a weak sugar solution, I tried this but all it did was attract wasps, I decided to abandon that idea, hopefully the bees will find the water in the fullness of time. Any comments and advice on these actions are gratefully received.
  3. Ok Ta, then I think I have about 5 frames, the frames on which the bees were delivered. I've been watching them this morning, fascinating just sitting watching the bees with the pollen coming and going, quite extraordinary.
  4. No Brood is "baby bees" and extends from eggs, through larvae to capped pupae. In that case I have no Idea! I've got eggs and larvae and capped pupae, but I have no idea how much.
  5. Do you mean how many bees I received initially? About 10,000
  6. Thanks, I will do that. I went over to my mentors house yesterday and we went through his three hives, I learned a lot. My brain was buzzing ( I know, leave it!) when I left. My mentor suggested that I should prepare some feed for the bees, but I'm not sure where to put it in relation to the hive. I have also applied for membership with South Chilterns BKA . I'll keep you posted.
  7. Thanks for the replies so far. I have found a someone who is keen to mentor me, a colleague of my wife, we will be meeting up soon so hopefully that will help. The bees have been in the hive now for about ten days but they are not showing any sign of moving on to the frames that I have added. I seem to be getting mixed messages from books and from the replies here about the frames. Should the new frames be added in-between the the old frames, or at one end blocked off with a dummy frame thingy? Also I seem to have a lot bother making the frames, well the wax foundation sheets really, every single one of them is broken, has a hole and/or is split which makes them a real PIA to construct, is this normal or am I being unlucky, can they be repaired? I really appreciate the time and trouble you take to reply, thank you.
  8. Hello I'm Carl, I live near Didcot, my wife bought me a Beehuas last year and all the kit to go with it. After much procrastination I bought the bees last Friday. I have transferred them to the hive, and I have put in three new frames, and the wasp guard is in. I have inspected them and found the queen, they all seem fine. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do now, or next. Feed them? More Frames? Put the supers in? Any advice would be appreciated.

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