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  1. Ok sjp I am getting the picture now. I think maybe it might be a bit cruel to put them both through it. The non broody hen will tend to just lay the egg and go, she has been known to just drop one in the run if the broody one is intent on staying on the nest. I think perhaps I am anthropomorphising a little and worrying that the broody one is feeling deprived of motherhood and is sad about it. She has always enjoyed sitting on eggs for a few hours and fussing around with nesting material etc. Perhaps the whole hatching chicks thing will stress her out and then the other one will be kicked out on her own which she will hate. Is there an option of letting her sit on some dummy eggs, thus making it less of an issue if she gets off them for too long, then sticking some hatched chicks under her one night so she can get used to them? Or is that asking for trouble? Think I am answering my own question here, the hatching thing might be a bit ambitious for a two hen backyard coup. M
  2. Thanks for that useful info SJP, good to know the timings. I was more concerned about the other hen that would be ostracised into a run/pen on it's own for over a month, (they are already "Ooops, word censored!"ed off with me confining them to the eglu run with the DEFRA warning ) I'm sure the broody sitter hen will be happy to be left alone. Is the reason for confining/separating because the other hen might attack the baby chicks or because it will bother the broody hen, or the other way round? I would love to leave them together, they are best friends and stick to each other like glue. I guess freerange farmyard hens just get on with it. ?? m
  3. Hi, I have two Gingernuts in an eglu go with large run and one of the hybrid hens is constantly broody. I was thinking of perhaps letting her pursue her instincts by getting some hatching eggs for her to sit on and rear. I was thinking of bantam hatching eggs, so that we could keep two of them once hatched and have four hens in total. My concerns would be: - I have heard that its best to separate the mother hen from the the other hen with her chicks, but this would mean having one hen by herself which she wouldn't like. - If the chicks are a different breed would there be more chance of rejection? - I know that there is always a risk that a broody hen, may not turn out to be a good mother when the chicks are hatched Any thoughts or experiences would be gratefully received. thanks
  4. thanks jimnpaula, yes, I hope it's just being a bit stiff in the morning because she is fine otherwise.
  5. like the chicken pooh flicking idea, tried it yesterday luna and it is indeed a satisfying activity!
  6. This chicken keeping malarky is a worrying experience! On of the chickens is lifting her feet up to her chest each time she steps/walks. More pronounced in the morning and seems to wear off after a couple of hours. I have checked to see if the mites are still there, but a thorough check showed none on her or in the coup. I checked for bumble foot, her feet look perfect and clean No scaley leg Checked her crop, seemed ok although I am not experienced at feeling crops (reason I checked the crop was because that is where she puts the back of her foot up to. She is eating fine, infact she is the most tame and friendly and just comes running. Could it be worms? I have just got her and she is only 16 weeks so would have thought worms couldn't be a problem that quickly? I did a search on the internet and it suggested Mareks, but I assumed that is something that all hybrids are vaccinated for. Also the fact that she does it in the morning and then it wears off is strange. Worry worry worry Any ideas omletters? thanks
  7. hmm so pixiedust says not to used ivermicin as it is linked to dodgy stuff, and verm x doesn't work or may not work, is there anything else that works or is safe for chickens and doesn't make eggs toxic? Also how often do you guys do the worming? thanks
  8. thanks all for tips and advice, I have bought some worm pellets, verm x I think, hoping that will work. No sign of the red mite now, so hoping if I keep putting the diatom on the perches/gaps for a while it will eliminate them. I have nick named them the "BOB BOB BOBBERS" because that is the noise they make and that is what comes out the other end too, lots of it I am in the process of trying to design something like the fine tines bedding fork (but cheaper) to pick up the poop off the lawn quickly. I am hosing it into the grass at the moment, but would like to actually pick it up and bin it. Listening to womans hour, doing the ironing and watching them scratting around in the flower beds in the sunshine is very theraputic, winter might be a different experience, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Happy days.
  9. Hi Jimnpaula. only giving corn in the evening/after school . I don't have a water tonic, but I put a bit of poultry spice in their pellets, not sure if that helps, I've got apple cider vinegar, not sure what we do with that yet, have to read up. Should I get a water tonic? Also I put a dust bath in the run, but they don't seem to know what to do with it and have avoided it so far, any tips or is it early days yet (day three chicken keeping) thanks
  10. Thanks for all advice, loving this forum and all the clever "chicken people" I gave the coup a good clean with disinfectant and dismantled it. left to dry in the sun and dusted the whole thing with diatom and the chicken's duffs and under wings etc. This morning no sign of the mites the eglu was a doddle to just clean down and I could see the mites so just jetted them off. Terrible start to chicken keeping, but figuring that things can only get better! We have only had the hybrid POLs for two days now and they come running to us and eat out of our hands, partly due to the fact that my 5 year old daughter has practically lived in the run with them sitting on a little stool singing to them and feeding them corn. Lots of cuddles and wattle stroking, they are well and truly part of the family and very loved, mites and all.
  11. great advice cat tails thanks. thank goodness for this forum, it is calming my nerves lol!!!
  12. I am getting diatom, to dust everything. what about where the run is will they be living or dropping into the grass, should that be treated too, I can't move the eglu to another position, so wondering if I should put powder on the grass or will that be poisonous for the hens to eat? argh, this is so frustrating on our first day of chicken keeping.
  13. Definitely red mite I am squishing tons of them that are crawling all over the eglu and blood smears out so they have had a good feed I have sprayed the inside of the coup with johnsons poultry spray an aerosol that I just happened to buy by chance on the way home from picking them up it is toxic and probably not the best thing to use, I just wanted to zap them the minute I saw them. The poultry supplier has offered to take them back, but my daughter is distraught so feel like we need to deal with the problem, but not if it will just be an ongoing battle against them. Once you have had them does that mean that they will always be a problem? Is diatom and mite control something you just do anyway? It has kind of put me off the whole experience at the moment the eglu is litterally riddled with them, every nook and cranny. Regarding changing the bedding every few days, there were about 6 poohs in the eglu that stank, so I can't see how I wouldn't have to clean them out every day ? thanks for all advice and support.
  14. Ok horror of horrors I opened the back of the brand new eglu this morning and it is absolutely riddled with red mites. They were everywhere and there was a pile of them red and writhing that looked like a blob of jam!!!!! I thought that the things didn't live on the chickens but came out at night to feed. One of the chickens also did a black runny pooh. Feeling a bit overwhelmed as a first timer. where to start. HELP! please.
  15. thanks for all the advice and suggestions. I think you guys might be right that it is most likely nerves and pecking order as she is eating drinking scratching and no other signs of illness just a little less perky than the other and the tail down. Being caught in a big net and put in a box in the boot of a car for 20mins can't be the most soothing of experiences, then put in an unfamiliar run/coop albeit with worms administered through the bars by my daughter (they loved them BTW). I think I am more nervous than they are, but loving seeing the little shiny brown critters in the garden, very excited! Cosmo I'm sure the chickens will give your cat a run for it's money once they are settled and more confident, they will give it a good peck on the head and put it at the bottom of the pecking order. Our cat took one look at them and turned it's back in disgust realising he will now not be the "only child" pretty much the same reaction we got when my daughter was born

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