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  1. Thanks Egluntyne, I kept her separated for a day in a box in the garage. She drank loads of water and pooped in her mash. She's now back in with the rest, eating and scratching around, and competing for her share of their evening treats like a normal chicken Now we just have to get Margot sorted - she's had a course of injections for pneumonia, but is still sneezing and now has a red, flushed looking face. She seems quite happy though, eating and drinking and whatnot, so I guess we shouldn't be too worried.
  2. Thanks, will try that. Would it be just as good to give her mash instead of pellets? Non of them seem to eat pellets when I've put them out, I've heard that's common in ex-batts.
  3. Poorly Hazel has been to our marvellous vet to clear out her sour crop, and seemed to be rallying yesterday. She came out of the nesting box, and was taking an interest in the coop goings on. Today she is sunken eyed and hunched, and there are BRIGHT GREEN woodshavings in the house. I mean vivid, not yellowy or browny poo. It looks like spilt green food dye. There is green on a couple of the other girls' feathers, but a lot around Hazel's vent. Can anybody help? I will be taking her back to the vet tomorrow, but you guys know more about chickens than he does
  4. Hi Omleteers, I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I was a member of this lovely forum a couple of years ago - I had 3 ex-batts in my garden in Manchester. I had to rehome them because of a psychotic neighbour , and was so upset I stopped visiting here. I gave away or sold all my chicken-keeping parephernalia. Anyway, I am now living in New Zealand, renting a house on 3 acres, and am finally able to have ex-batts again, hurrah! I am very glad to be back on here again. I missed you all My girls have been with me for a couple of weeks now, and are doing great, mostly, gaining confidence and developing their little personalities. However, Margot is sneezing - really big, head-shaking sneezes: she nutted herself on the grub today! She is also stretching her neck up with her beak open, like a rooster crowing, but making no sound at all. Sometimes she does this with her eyes shut . She is eating and drinking, is not listless, has no nose or eye discharge. Her poos are fine, she does not stand with her feathers fluffed up. She is on her own more than the others, and I can't tell if she's laying or not with there being six of them. Is this likely to be a cold? I have ordered some citricidal. I have seen "respite" mentioned - what is this? Would it help? Any advice would be lovely, thanks. Kath
  5. Thanks for your concern, guys Mango's impression of an aeroplane taking off was getting louder and earlier, and Scarlet had begun imitating my dog Gypsy singing They have gone to a lovely family with two other hens from the same rescue who had been poorly, and nursed back to health by the BHWT lady. My nextdoor neighbours are fine, but we have a next-door-but-one who has threatened us and our dogs before, so I felt the chickens were vulnerable themselves and gave him an excuse for another attack. But I'm still logging on here every day
  6. Stuff now claimed and going to good home. xx
  7. If anyone would like the stuff in the picture below for their chickens and is happy to collect it from me in the South Manchester area one evening or weekend, please PM me to arrange it. My chickens have been rehomed.
  8. You are a genius - thanks for the idea! That's my next creative project sorted.
  9. I tried the hose trick - she very quickly learned to duck behind the others before shouting, and to run away from me whenever I approached - still shouting
  10. I really sympathize - I've only had mine 3 weeks but it may come to that for me as well . We've not had a complaint yet but it's only a matter of time - I can't believe 3 little birds can be so noisy. I heard Mango this morning whilst washing my hair in the shower with the bathroom's double glazed windows shut . I expected to find her being hauled off by a fox, or laying an eye-wateringly sized egg at the very least, but she was just standing on the ladder sounding like a plane taking off. To be honest, if I was my neighbour, it would annoy me. If they have to go, I don't know anyone who'd take them . And I am getting stressed out waiting for her to kick off at any moment.
  11. pinkkat

    *rolls eyes*

    I work in an opticians, and am constantly amazed at the parents just sitting in the waiting room letting their little horrors inquisitively and enthusiastically run riot. They kick doors, try to climb on glass shelves, wrestle in the doorway... I don't hesitate to say something, like "could you control you child please", and if they don't they get asked to wait outside I don't have kids, but I try to use the threat-and-consequenses with my dogs: "Oz, if you don't lie down on your bed RIGHT NOW.... you'll still be standing up...." "Gypsy, if you don't get off the sofa THIS INSTANT ... you'll still be very comfy andI'll have to sit on the floor..." Hey, it's the tone of voice that counts, right?
  12. Remember the Cadbury finger of fudge add? "A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat..." etc etc? My friend grew up thinking it "was full of peppery goodness" (instead of Cadbury goodness...) And that Eurythmics song Love is a Stranger? I heard the opening line as "Love is a stranger in an oven glove". Apparently it's "open car", or something... Oh, and my other friend's Dad told him that ice cream vans only played music when they'd run out of ice cream xx
  13. AARG! They've taken away my broadband access at work They've moved it from my desk to the reception desk What am I going to do all day without you guys? You don't think they found out I spend all day on here and don't actually do any work, do you?
  14. Stinky solidarity! I have nagged my OH into building me a walk-in run for my new Eglu, so at least if I have to clean it out evey week my back can cope I am now using quite a thin layer of hemcore too - I put loads in to start with, and they scratched down to the paving anyway I have tried sand too, but the results are similar and it gets EVERYWHERE! I am going to compromise: Not poo pick every day if I am going to clean the run out every week. We'll see how it goes. I'm also going to try Nedz Bedz instead of Hemcore as I can buy that easily in a few places rather than special-ordering it from one xx

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