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  1. I’m thinking of getting the omelet automatic one to put on the run for when Im out late or away. So the choirs can free range but mainly to prevent the geese from entering the WIR & stealing all the pellet food - who said geese don’t eat pellets? They’re right greedy! I will let you know how it goes
  2. Did I mention lambs 🤣 Thank you for all your messages, in the absence of TV is lovely to log in & read your comments & check out your recent adventures. Three adult geese & one came with a gosling Gary! The incubation produced 18 chicks but I’ve sold 8 & the other 10 are now huge. 7 weeks old & should reach a good weight before Christmas Im busy harvesting the fruit & veg and preserving. This retirement lark is like a full time job & a huge learning curve. Attempted green tomato chutney which made me turn green 🤢
  3. Daphne, but chickens are happy scratching about in dry earth! I’d just go for it & try a trio out, plenty of water & shade and they’ll be fine Luvachicken Normally Is say yes the house stays lovely & cool but this month it is really struggling. 44’ in the day & Im recording 32’ at night inside 😩
  4. Here’s one I caught on the Isle of Wight last month, a tad rude but made me chuckle. If it offends anyone I can delete
  5. Well, you clever beggar. Well done & Congratulations. Good to know there’s one more ‘chicken’ savvy Vet added to the paddling pool. Hopefully you’ll go on to inspire others. Enjoy your brief reprieve and your new career
  6. Daphne, first time having Faverolles & I’m loving there gentle calm nature. But this heat, wow! I don’t know how you cope with it month in month out & yes, I’d miss the green grass. What breeds do you have in hot Portugal?
  7. Hi Beantree, wow it is rather hot! The chickens have taken to standing in a bowl of water lol & I’m tempted to join them My French neighbored raises, chicken, guinea fowl, turkey, duck, geese & rabbit for the pot! I’m promised a few lessons in preparing the birds (with trepidation) because yes, meat is an expensive luxury That clear tarp has lasted 3yrs but beginning to show some wear now. They have lots of shade from fruit trees outside the run but the main reason for the tarp is to keep the run dry. I’d prefer a roof but my DIY skills don’t meet my expectations. Let me know how you get on, my first lot are in the incubator as we speak
  8. Update from France Fencing completed, just the gate to sort. Finally have some chooks , a Marans, Coucou, a Faverolles Cocq & 4 faverolles Hens. Currently have 18 eggs in the incubator, primarily to check Frankie’s fertility, but these will be for the pot. When Im around the chicks love nothing better than rummaging around in the woodland Just ordered a second cube to house youngsters in till they’re integrated & can choose for themselves. Looking at having a pair of large geese - my neighbor is generous with the eggs which are to die for Pottager is up & running & I cannot believe how fast things grow here, especially the weeds Solar panels installed & finally, I have hot water! Just as temperatures hit 44*
  9. Thank you Lewis. Sorry for the delay but my internet has been down - a good welcome to france 😂 I’ve got the Ivermectin via the Internet & have applied it last week for lice treatment. Just to clarify; Are you saying that Ivermectin 1% used as a spot on treatment WILL treat lice & worms? Thanks in advance
  10. So, Lewis - advise please If neither are a treatment for Tapeworm, what would you recommend? My chooks and I are in central France and Tapeworm is a hazard here. The vets don't appear to appreciate our routine care of chickens - and certainly have an ignorance of treatments. Currently I'm having to purchase medicated Flubenvet pellets from the UK when I drive over as I've been unable to locate a supplier in France. Ivermectin I can get via internet but very pricey! Do I need both or would you recommend just the Ivermectin as it treats external and internal parasites?
  11. Thank you for all the lovely posts. I'm having a lovely time, working hard getting the garden tamed ready for my new brood. Unfortunately, I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, & even the flies bite here ....ugh Andyroo, just go for it. There's lots of choice & something nice for every budget. Ursula 123, whereabouts are you? We've had a few tremendous storms recently but when the sun is out, you're right it's rather hot. I'm putting the coop & run in the orchard so they can make the most of the shade.
  12. Ah thanks All. It has been a steep learning curve but I've quickly adopted the french way of "it all happens in it's own time & way" I made some friends while house hunting, staying at different B&B's around the area. French and English, and through them others followed. I did attend evening French classes for 2 terms before moving but to be honest, no I don't speak a lot of French but strangely enough I manage. Well apart from one rather awkward conversation that has become a regular joke,. One French and one English neighbour and about 30 mins drive from major amenities. Despite my age {mid 50's} I have settled in really quickly and been very lucky in befriending some rather special people. The difficulties are getting renovations done, the French have a tendency to just tootle along with no firm plan or sense of time! They'll nip over next week.......sometime. The Postlady, drives around, stops for a natter, ask if you have any letters to post or says 'Oo you've a card from L'Angleterre" very excitedly! Honestly, I feel quite at home and a bit like the Cat that got that cream......
  13. lol, yes my aspirations to have chooks, ducks & geese is running wild. But then I have to remember that I did this move to garden, and lots of birds need lots of space & care; less for me! Once I have the coop/run set up and the chooks settled I'll review the situation with the possibility of a few ducks. I'm in Dept 23, Le Creuse Saint Pierre Bellevue for those that know the Limousin. More commonly known as the Lake District of France. So, apparently hot summers/autumns, wet springs & blooming cold winters. The cottage is made from local Granite stone The dogs are loving the availability of loads of new walking places although they have as yet to realise that the property has next to no passing traffic so still stand on guard duty!
  14. Bonjour Chicken Keepers It's been a while since I last posted and you might remember I was thinking of moving to France. Well I did it! Currently sat outside in rural France, with my ***** Wifi typing this little note. So far so good, France has delivered more than I hoped; well apart from an awful lot of rain so far in June! Sold my Uk home last October {having found a loving home for my girls) and moved in with a patient and tolerant mate...... 5 months later I moved into my little cottage with 11/2 acre of garden and 1 acre of attached woodland. my removal company managed to lose some stuff enroute {how is this possible?} which included all the bolts and fixings for the cube. So, I've had to bear a delay in getting this set up. Still, I've had the time to prepare their plot, lovely meadow land which I've had to clear in readiness I'm back to the Uk end of June for several days, for my Daughter's Wedding and to babysit my grandson for a few days after; Lucky me.I will build the coop and run on my return and then collect my new girls. I will update once I have more to report. Feeling a little smug
  15. Hi Cinnamon & thank you for your reply....I was hoping you'd get on line and suggest I get in touch! It's reassuring to hear that life is good and you're both settling into your new way of life. I suppose some of your difficulties might have happened in what ever place you brought? I will private message you, not too often I promise. Victoria

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