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  1. I had my Moderna booster last week. Very easy to book and there was no queue! For some reason though, I had to sign some paperwork that I consented to have the vaccine... If I didn't want it, I wouldn't have turned up!
  2. I’ve had both doses and I tested positive (both lateral flow and PCR test) on Tuesday.
  3. You are totally correct LH! Any issues you can phone GiffGaff for advice.
  4. Turns out you can request a refund! Money Saving Expert says: you'll have up to 12 months to claim a refund of any unused credit as cash. You'll need to contact Virgin Mobile's customer services to request a refund. All refunds will be made via bank transfer. Best give them a call!
  5. That is the case with all mobile providers in the UK. Virgin Media's Terms and Conditions state: No refund: If you don’t use all of the credit in any Top Up that you purchase, or such Top Up expires (if applicable) then we will not give you a refund for it. Annoying, but nothing you can do about it unfortunately.
  6. GiffGaff would be perfect for your needs. You can switch your number too!
  7. Got my second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine last week. Only side effect was a very mild headache that went away after 20 minutes!
  8. I just had my first dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine this afternoon. Slightly sore arm and a mild headache, took a couple of paracetamol and i'm fine!
  9. My mum received a positive COVID test result today. Only mild symptoms though, slight headache and a mild cough. As a result, the whole household (including me) has to self isolate for 10 days...
  10. Back in March, I mentioned how my work promotion exam had been cancelled at short notice. They finally rescheduled it for the end of November and I have recently found out the results... I passed! It also means I have been promoted too!
  11. Make sure these stones are very heavy. I used to have my eglu on slabs with bricks on the skirt. An animal managed to move the bricks, lift up the skirt and kill my chickens
  12. It would have to be a very inventive fox to be able to lift the pin out all the way and then open the door and get into the run. This has never happened to me, nor have I heard of it happening to anyone else.
  13. Volkswagen Touran. My dad has one and it is massive! All the rear seats can either fold down or be removed completely leaving a flat load bay. It can easily seat eight adults and it is a very smooth ride. Drives more like a petrol!

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