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  1. Well it seems to be my Gingernut with the problem as I watched her lay half a soft-shelled egg today in the run (with no yolk). I don't know what I should do to help her as the Pepperpot is fine and lays perfect eggs every day. They both eat the same food and have the same lifestyle - maybe she'll just never be a good layer? Any suggestions welcome!
  2. Thanks for replying. I didn't crack open the larger one - but didn't see any yolk in the smaller one with the soft side. Weirdly, I also found a shell-less egg in their poop tray yesterday. Just one normal-looking egg today but my poor Gingernut looks a bit mucky around her rear end, so now I'm wondering if she's got the problem rather than the Pepperpot. They are still both very lively and look well enough, apart from the mucky bottom. I'm nervous about looking in the next box every day, wondering what I might find!
  3. Here are some pics of these strange creations: https://www.flickr.com/photos/134841462@N07/shares/6axz6q
  4. I have had my Gingernut Ranger and Miss Pepperpot for about 4 months. For the first couple of months they both laid most days and then one of them stopped laying (I think the Miss Pepoerpot as the slightly browner shelled eggs are the Gingernut's, but could be wrong?). And then yesterday and today I have had the strangest looking 'eggs' in the nesting boxes. The first was very large and dense with a dark lumpy shell that looked like dinosaur skin and today's was smaller and soft on one side, but with the same dark lumpy shell on the other side. Both turned my stomach! Clearly something is not right but I don't know what. I wondered if the non-layer's system is starting to work again and this could be the result of some sort of backlog or build up? They both seem well and happy otherwise and eat Omlet organic complete food, supplemented with grit and corn, and they free range for a few hours most days. Has anyone had anything similar or such awful looking eggs?? I

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