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  1. We hand reared a mucovy a few years ago, she was lovely (Jemima) very frinedly, although she had a lot of contact from us from day old. I thought she was pretty, but in a "only-a-mother-could-love" kind of way
  2. NEVER AGAIN! They've gone. My daughter has always had a big birthday party & then a mass-sleepover since she was about 7. It's always been such a fantastic atmosphere & they really are good kids..... but now they are 11/12 & are a bunch of hormonal teenagers (kind-of teenagers).... not the usual cuddles with each other on arrival, just grunts & snorts.....not the normal teddy bears & cuddly things in their overnight bags, just make-up & straightners..... they were good, but got very little sleep (if any) so I think that will be the last of the big birthday sleepovers. They used to be happy watching any old DVD, but this time it was a whole job in itself deciding what to watch & there little moody faces if it wasn't going to be something they wanted!..... A good time was had by all.....Enough of that............... We have one legbar out & doing well & some others on their way.... will update with photos later.
  3. 10am...10am...10am...10am ok enough about the party.... some of the eggs are chipping now & the little poppets are chirping. We set them very late on the evening when they went in, so technically they should hatch tonight.....I'll keep you posted.
  4. Not much happening yet....hopefully they should start doing something soon. These lot are my first this year & I'm really excited. I've got 20 kids (12yr olds) coming for a party soon & 12 of them are sleeping over
  5. SUre, I don't think I said as I've not been on here for a while. This time we are expecting.... Light Sussex, Blue Orpingtons, Cream Legbars and Cuckoo Marans.
  6. My eggs are due to hatch tomorrow, and I've got the next lot ready & waiting to go in the incuabators. As you know my one incubated overheated then died & Lewis very kindly got me out of trouble by lending me his, however we didn't need to use it as we got ours repaired after temporarily keeping it warm, until we got the incubator part, but we have kept Lewis's on standby for the duration of the eggs just incase. I'll keep you posted.
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies. The eggs are on day 8. It's not the fuse as the incubator is working for the turning of the eggs, just the temperature won't hold. It's only staying at 80degrees, although we have been able to keep the temperature at about 98-100 most of the day by having the incubator sit on top of an electric radiator. Although this is not ideal. I really want to save the eggs as they are the breeds I really want. I had to book the day off work to go and collect the eggs & now I may loose them all. The offer to borrow the home-made incuabator is very generous & I would love to, if I can get to Sutton Coldfield soon.
  8. I hope someone can help. I have 42 eggs in my incubator which has just died. I really need to borrow an incubator urgently to try & hatch these eggs. If anyone can help at all please get in touch. Many thanks.
  9. Your tortoises are lovely. We are getting a tortoise soon, I've been trying to locate a breeder with some young hatchlings without success. If you know any nearby as I'm also from the Midlands please let me know, we want a hermanns or horsefield, possibly a spur-thigh.
  10. Penkridge Market every Wed. Starts with eggs at 12.30. then they do the polultry. It gets very busy there, so get there early if you want to look at the birds before the auction starts.
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, We are thinking about getting a Rcom incuabtor, but are a little unsure if we should get the Rcom Suro, Rcom20, or Rcom20 Pro. Anyone got one and which do you think is best? Someone told me at a poultry auction they are fantastic and you can programme in "hen" and it will do all the settings automatically, but I'm not sure now which model he was referring to.... would that be just with the Rcom Pro? Thanks - confused Smudgley
  12. If you are staying local, let me know when you are ready for a kitten. I help with my local CP and we currently have several (in fact loads) of kittens looking for homes. All our kittens are vet checked, wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for fleas before going to their new homes.
  13. Of course I will, I can't wait to meet her.... I've been waiting for her to come in and I will be going to see her first thing on Monday. Will let you know how she is.
  14. All ours have coloured leg rings. Everyone has a different colour or combination of colours. We've always done that we ours. But you do get to know them all wuite quickly.

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