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  1. That sounds like a good idea- have her feet stopped swelling now? You can always use either frozen vegetables or ice. Place the ice or frozen vegs underneath the hen- make sure to wrap it in a towel first! This should reduce their body temperature and stops them going broody. I've read over at Back Yard Chickens and Happy Chicken Coop that after doing this for a few times it should stop them... Let me know how you get on...
  2. I really like it! Question- do you clean your eggs up before you give them your friends and family?
  3. Well done The excitement never gets old does it!
  4. To stop her getting at the eggs, do you know roughly when the lay their eggs? Perhaps you can collect the eggs earlier, because leaving them in the nesting box will keep encouraging her to peck at them... I know you have a roll-away nest box, just wondering how they are still getting to the eggs then!?
  5. Well done- can't believe you got a double yolker for your first egg
  6. As long as they are happy and laying- that's the main thing Have you changed their diet recently?
  7. I'm not sure to be honest. I watched Becky's video on Utube and she did have some good ideas...
  8. Not a clue lol I wouldn't worry too much about it though providing she still appears heathy. I would just increase her protein intake and minerals and she should be fine
  9. It's very rare for hybrids to go broody, especially 4 of them The only 'natural' solution I know to stop her, if to soak them in cold water which reduces their body temp and sometimes 'breaks' them...
  10. Hi Neil, They sound like they are having a second bout of life It's amazing they will push your cat around- I found my girls very scared of our cats... Wishing you all the best with your chucks!
  11. Brilliant stuff! It must have taken ages to do?

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