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  1. Hi Folks, Has anyone used this for worming? http://www.hyperdrug.co.uk/Solubenol-Oral-Emulsion-Sachets-100g/productinfo/SOLUBENOL/ Flubenvet is very hard to get hold of at the moment and I dont want to use medicated layers.
  2. We have a Flymo - 24v I think. Its a pretty hardy beast but it does eat the battery if you are cutting thick grass/weeds etc. More like 15mins charge. I've cut thick docks, nettles, allsorts.
  3. Has anyone tried putting new hens in the coop at night? I read on a US site that as the hens are sleepy they dont really pay attention to the new arrivals? Not sure how practical it is in reality.
  4. Our lot like Brocolli and have demolished my Poppies! xxx
  5. I use and DE and add it to any new bedding and puff the hens with it every now and then. xxx
  6. What a great photo! We are picking our first two ex-commercial hens tomorrow. xxx
  7. Hi Folks, Many thanks for the responses. The birds are free range in the garden from about 7am tilll 6pm and they then have a very large pen/coop. After another day of bullying we decided enough was enough and the lower ranking cockerel was prepared for the pot. I have to say I wish we had done it sooner as the change in the flock is amazing. A lot less noise and all the hens are now settling well with the remaining cockerel. xxx
  8. Hi Folks, I'm looking for a bit of advice. We have a flock of seven chickens. Two Welsumer cockerels, one Welsumer hen, one Cream Legbar hen and three Black Rock hens. They are all 15-20 weeks old. The Black Rocks are a recent addition, the others we have had from day old chicks (all were supposed to be Welsumers but a Legbar sneaked in!). A problem at the moment is one of the cockerels the under dog of the two boys is bullying the Black Rocks. Pecking at there heads, chasing them away from food and nipping/holding onto there legs if he can. No sign of blood or physical inury at the moment. The dominate cockerel is completly non agressive to the new hens. The boys also get along great between themselves. We were hoping to keep the two boys but obviously we do not want a bully. Is this something that will improve or get worse with time as the boys get older? We are supposed to get some ex-batts in a few weeks but I am concerned the underdog cockerel will see them as an easy target. The chickens are free range. xxxx

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