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  1. Watch out with pea shingle - I have a pea shingle path down side of house and it's really difficult to clean up the poop spesh the soft ones! It's on my jobs list to replace with something more hygienic
  2. Won't Ivermectin 1% Spot on get rid of the mites? I use that and seems to work but on ordinary mites. I could only find it online tho.
  3. Hi - I have been searching the threads but cant find an answer to my question which is....when the weather is bad, like this morning it was tipping down, is it best to keep the hens shut in the run or leave the door open and leave it to them? I let them out this morning and they did shelter under a chair, a table, one stayed in the run and I don't know where the other two were. They looked pretty hunched up but as soon as the rain stopped they were out on the lawn etc. So far ( I have had them for 7 weeks) they have not stayed in the run but free range all day so I think they might be stroppy if I keep them in the run - they are ex-batts after all! There are lots of bushes and hedges in the garden so there are lots of places they can shelter. I also would like to ask your opinion about - is it better to put the cube and the run onto a hard surface with wood chip for the winter and keep the cube and run off the grass? I do reposition the cube every week and move it a foot or two every day to stop the wheels damaging the grass which is working well. But I guess in the winter the grass is often wet and never really dries off. Is that bad for the hens?
  4. Droncit is Praziquantel. It works by allowing the tape worms to be absorbed as protein by the hen. The hen might pass a few bits of the tape worm but it is not usual. If your hens are still passing the cysts after worming maybe the dose wasn't right. But the hens will get reinfected if they eat the worms and snails that have picked up the cysts from the ground. My understanding is that it is really difficult to get the land clear. You would have to kill off all the worms n slugs and insects that eat the cysts. I must emphasise that this is just what i have found out over the last few weeks i am no expert.
  5. Just to say i agree with some of the other posts that it is an environmental problem with the life cycle of the tape worm - I also disposed the wormy poop in doggy bags not in the compost. I do fully expect the hens to get tapes again as it is impossible to get all the droppings from under hedges and shrubs etc. and my hens free range all day. So i keep an eagle eye on the poop - pick everything up I can find - if i can i go round 2-3 times a day to poop pick - yes paranoid! But the worms are very visible in the poop. It is a real pain to pick the eggs out of the grass but it was worth it as there were up to 30 lying in the grass under each poop.
  6. Hi. I am very new to keeping hens but can share my recent experience of tape worm treatment. I have 5 ex-battery hens - they arrived July 5. I found roundworms first. The vet gave me Panacur. That got rid of the roundworms but to my horror a few days later found tape worms in the poop. I researched like mad - got alot of help from Dawg53 over on backyardchickens and treated hens with horse wormer - Equimax - which is Ivermectin and Praziquantel - i gave a pea size amount and the worms have cleared. The hens are due a second dose to day 10 days later. I also made extra effort poop picking which I had been doing anyway but when i picked up the poop with the tapes in I could see lots of segments or cysts in the grass so I picked those out with some fine forceps.The worms slugs snails and other insects eat those cysts then the hen eats them and gets reinfected so it is not good news. The equimax tastes awful - i mixed it in with sardines and fed each hen individually. One hen refused to eat it so i managed to draw some up in a 1 ml syringe and with someone holding the hen got enough down. Since i wormed them for tape worms they have seemed a lot better - the poop is formed - it was very runny - and we are getting 4 eggs a day. They all look much better. I tried to get some advice from the vet but was told that Panacur was the correct stuff for tapes however my understanding is that it won't treat them - you need Albendazole or Praziquantel. My hens seemed to have no ill effexts from the Equimax but it is not licenced for hens. It is a bit arbitary deciding on pea size as a dose but needs must! Hope that helps - as I said there is lots of info on that other website - it's easy to get the threads and you only have to join if you want to post.
  7. Hi Beantree and thanks for getting back to me. You confirm what I thought that someone has to be bottom - it was Maggies change of behaviour that prompted my post. But if she was coping with a heavy worm load I guess she was desperate to get food and now that hopefully the worms are dealt with she is not that desperate. I do keep a close eye on them especially food and bedtime and she has more time not being picked on and seems happy free ranging. Interesting about your hen being so aggressive.
  8. Hi - just wondered if anyone can recommend a poultry vet in the Reading or South Oxfordshire area? I needed a vet and used one from a list of poultry vets but to be honest I think I was more informed and I am new to keeping hens - thank goodness for the internet!
  9. Hi jimnpaula - ok that's great thanks - in fact today I had a good clean out and have put some newspaper with some 'bedding' on top to see if it makes cleaning the poop trays any easier.
  10. Hi. I am new to hen keeping and 6 weeks into 5 ex battery hens. Maggie has always been bottom of the pecking order. She didn't seem too bothered by it until 2 days ago. She now seems quite terrified of the others. She has been off colour I think - looked very very pale and always seemed starving. I have now wormed them all - had to have two goes as the first lot of wormer didn't deal with the tape worms! I think she looks better - a bit more colour coming to her face and comb. She is very bright and has worked out that if she puts herself to bed first and early she avoids getting pecked by everyone - she used to be the last to go to bed. But she now won't come to the tea time feeding. She is getting plenty of food, I make sure of that but it is a shame to see the others all gobbling the food and Maggie not joining in. It was raining today and the others were all under the shelter and she was on her own under a bush. Tonight I saw that she had hopped into the nesting area before the others went to bed but it was quite chilly and she looked wet from the rain, and when I closed the cube up a bit later there was another hen in with her Is this just how it is or is there something I can do? The hens free range all day and Maggie seems very happy digging and foraging but she is very watchful of the other hens and is not at all confrontational. Any thoughts most welcome. Elizabeth.
  11. Hi this is a silly question but I am new to keeping hens so hopefully you will forgive me. I have been reading some of the threads and see that some of you refer to 'change the bedding' in the cube. Is this the bedding in the nest area or something else? I am only putting some wood chips in the egg laying area and the hens sleep or roost on the plastic grids. Should I be doing something else?
  12. Hello everyone - my name is Elizabeth. I am new to keeping hens. I have just survived the first 6 weeks with my 5 ex battery hens. I have been on a really steep learning curve and have had lots of issues with the hens. They had heavy infestations of lice/fleas/round worms/tape worms/bumblefoot as well as lashes, bullying, laying funny things - all of which is quite normal I now know but caused me a lot of worry. The hens have been great despite everything - they are funny, intelligent - some of them, fantastic companions in the garden - I garden alot - they free range from the moment I open the cube to bedtime - they have been great about putting themselves to bed, just the first night they all had to be lifted into the roosting area but they knew where to lay the eggs from the start and now put themselves to bed every night. They forage all round the garden but they leave my flower beds alone. We are all totally smitten! I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask so will post them on the appropriate forums - and I look forward to hearing from some of you - hopefully!

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