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  1. Tarpaflex it's the 2m by 2m size which fits perfectly and keeps everything dry inside the run
  2. These are our girls Peppa, Pearl, Mavis and Olive had them for a week now and they are settling in nicely and two of them have even started to take corn out of my hand in the afternoons! And the eggs oh my goodness they are divine!
  3. Thank you, I think choosing them is going to be even more fun we've got some omlet netting to put up soon as well so they have more space to run about in
  4. It's taken a few days but it's all done and we are off to get chickens tomorrow! So excited! Hoping there's nothing I've forgotten.
  5. Brill thank you, I have bought some powdered disinfectant from flytes so fancy along with a whole host of other stuff! Just waiting for my link a bord to arrive and the cube tomorrow then I can start getting it all set up
  6. Thank you. Yes the plan is to let them into the fence area or to free range when we are there, the rest of the time they will be in the run
  7. Hi there we are just in the process of getting set up for chickens. Have ordered a cube and run and have wood chips to put inside the run from flytes so fancy and a large tarp to cover the run to keep things nice and dry. My question is we have also ordered some Omlet netting to make a free range area for the chickens to be able to use in the day, as this will be uncovered what's the best thing to put on the floor? It's currently just soil Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. So excited right now just ordered a cube and run with some Omlet fencing too! Been patiently waiting for the cash I needed to buy hem and its arrived so today was the day! Being delivered on Monday then I can go get some chickens! Oooh I'm so happy can you tell?! Hahaha!
  9. Hi everyone I'm Emma. Been thinking about keeping chickens for a while and his last week or so hubby has said yep lets do it! We have already gone from wanting a wooden coop and small run to deciding actually a WIR and cube would be better, so I've spent the past few days reading all of the stickies walk in run threads to gain ideas. It's going to be a 5/6 month project as we are building the run ourselves and have to sort the garden area out where it's going to be (shift tons of stones and then lift old covers before doing the base etc), plus I have three girls so life's busy! Very excited about this journey though and looking forward to getting to know you all more

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