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  1. Thanks Luvachicken i must have seen the same pot of Flubenvet for sale. £30 to be out of date in June isnt econmical for me now with only two birds.
  2. Yesterday i noticed one of the birds sitting down and sort of sneezing and jerking her head. She seemed to be breathing through an open beak, gaping isit? There was no discharged from her nostrils, her eyes were clear and she was eating and drinking. I put my ear to her and couldnt hear any rattling or gurling when she was breathing. She seemed ok at 06:30 this morning but had sadly died sometime between 11:00 and 15:00 while i was at work. Any ideas what it may have been? I need to worm the remaining two so does anyone have any recommendations on which to use id appreciated it. Thanks. Adam.
  3. It does hold 5ltr. Once you attach the Base and flip it over the water fills the Base section so doesnt look full anymore. You shouldn't be losing a lot of water whilst flipping it over. I may lose only a few mls everytime I do mine.
  4. Aah my youtube question? The water depth in my drinker is around 18mm, if that isn't enough I'll use one of those heavy dog bowls. Thanks again for your replies.
  5. Any of you who have hens fitted with a bump bit which drinker do you use? I'm considering fitting a bumpa bit to a bird but concerned about water depth in the drinker and it's ability to drink adequately. Thanks Adam
  6. I will not use bumpa bits! Hence why I stated it my opening post. I seem to be seeing UKADEX popping up as being there best. The posts are quite old and I think it can no longer be bought. Is this Scarper the new replacement ukadex? Thanks Adam
  7. Oh I'm not worried about smell haha I just wish all three could be together, she is very much the boss and hounds the other two around the run yanking feathers out as she goes. Isn't fair on her to be on her own I know but isn't fair for the other two being plucked either. Adam
  8. HI has anone had any joy using a anti pecking spray? I have one chicken that has a bad feather pecking issue when in the run togethor with the two others. She only feather pecks on the odd occasion whilst free ranging which is only when i am home. She is currently separated (split run in half and added extra coop) I have tried so far: Seperation net tex anti peck spray Vicks Gentian violet spray In the run which is 12foot x 8foot they have two feeders, three drinkers, two perchs, hanging greens and pecka blocks. The feed I use is around 17% protein. I won't use bumps bits. Any help is appreciated, I'm all outta ideas now and fearing I will never break her habit. Thanks Adam
  9. My rir hybrid around 30 weeks today laid a 2 and 3/4 ounce egg, it looks massive and is much bigger than the others she had laid. She has been laying for around 5-6 weeks. Is this normal or just an unusually large egg. Adam
  10. The nest box material gets renewed pretty regularly so not so worried about mites there, not sure how long a bale will last outside. Doesn't hay contain more moisture than straw so more likely to harbour mites in? I may be completely wrong though. Adam
  11. Thinking of putting a bale in the chicken run for them to pull at and jump about on. I use straw in the nest box but undecided whether to put a straw bale or hay bale in the run. I've read hay gets mouldy quickly and the spores are bad for chickens but offers more nutritional value hence it's used as some animal feed. I'm thinking they don't need the nutritional value of hay as they have plenty of feed, pellets, mash, mixed corn and greens. So a bale of straw to play with would be better option? What's are your thoughts? Anyone else do this? Thanks Adam
  12. I understand your distress I've just re home one of my hens that was feather pecking the others badly. It's awful seeing them being pecked at and missing feathers. Luckily the farm was willing to take her back off me. I also tried many things except bumpa bit i felt lt I couldn't break her habit and just wasn't fair for her to be separated on her own. Hope you can find a solution that works for you and your birds.
  13. Just spoken to the place I got her from, I think I'm gonna let them take her back for a while, where they can monitor her with other maybe more mature hens, if she still pecking after they've had her a while ill have to say goodbye I think
  14. I read somewhere about separating a hen who pecks others for a whole then when introduced she should be lower in the pecking order? Adam
  15. Plan is just to have them divided by the wire and separate coops for 2wks or so and then reintroduce. She has wounded the worst victim at some point as I was giving her a check over earlier I found some scabbed tissue. If I put another pol with her she is just going to peck them. Roughly how long is a bumpa bit left in? I gather it differs between hens but just a guide.? Thanks Adam

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