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  1. 3CheekyChickens

    Adding Some Friends To a Lone Hen?

    That's a very good idea, thank you. Have now looked up some cheap animal hutches that we could adapt and would indeed come in handy in the future for a number of uses 😊
  2. 3CheekyChickens

    Adding Some Friends To a Lone Hen?

    Thanks for the positive replies, I'm starting to let myself feel a bit more excited now rather than anxious. We will need to work out how to manage introductions. Outside in the garden will be fine as we have the space and spare fencing to keep the girls foraging separately for a time, it's just the housing that's an issue, we only have the one Eglu Classic which is currently housed inside a roofed meshed run. I'm assuming the new girls will need separate sleeping accommodation as well initially? If so, we will have to see if we can make some temporary sleeping quarters 🤔
  3. Hi, I haven't posted before but would really appreciate some advice/thoughts on our situation please. We have a lone 6 year old Speckledy Hen after we lost her sisters over a year ago. We were worried at first about her being alone and thought we would take each day at a time to see if she adapted as we were not in a position to get more chickens at the time. She loves our dog and seems to enjoy the company of our resident Robbin, Black birds and Sparrow's who follow her around the garden. She's not once shown signs of loneliness or distress and is thriving, still laying eggs now and then. She was at the bottom of the pecking order before so we think this may be why she has adapted well to being alone. We are now in a position to have more chickens and would love to get 2 or 3 for our daughter to keep as her own pets - our current Hen has never liked being handled and is quite shy. We have been looking into rehoming ex battery hens and also considered bantams or P.O.L hens and are currently thinking this over. Our concerns are, will our Hen appreciate some company after being alone for a year, or will she turn on the newcomers, or will they turn on her? I realise that there's no real way of knowing these concerns but maybe someone with a similar experience can share some advice? When we chatter to our Hen she always chatters back to us and it's occurred to me of late that although she has been doing really great, she hasn't any friends to chatter away to anymore, I miss hearing all their beautiful sounds. Thanks in advance.