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  1. Thank you very much for your replies, it's great to get some good advice 😃 After looking into the testing, as we have already been worming for that past few days we can't get things tested this time around but will look into this from now on. We have dosed our sick hen with Nutri-Drops to try and give her a bit of a boost. She seems okish today, eating, drinking, pecking about but still not herself so will keep trying everything and see how she goes 🤞🏻 With regards to the ACV, Verm- X & DE, I was refering to these as whether they are useful in between worming with a proven wormer such Flubenvet, as a possible deterrent or to maybe make the insides less hospitable for worms? Thanks again 👍🏻
  2. Thanks for replies. How long will the flubenvet take before it starts helping do you know? I will have to stick to this wormer for now as we don't have any Ivermectin but will keep this in mind in future. This is the first time in 8 years of chicken keeping we've dealt with worms, that we know of anyway. We usually worm twice a year with Flubenvet but have let it slip longer between treatments. We use garlic & A C Vinegar regularly but haven't tried things like Verm X or adding D Earth to feed. We do have D.E (food grade). Their run is on a concrete base, part of which is covered with a large rubber horse mat so it's not as harsh on their feet in winter, they only use the run to lay and sleep in, it houses their eglus. They have free access all day every day to free range on a large lawned/orchard area, with some soil borders.
  3. Good Morning, Our 8 year old hen has not been herself for the last 5 days. She was eating and drinking but standing hunched/squat and puffed up a lot of the time and seemed to be moving around slower. She also started to have a mucky bottom so we started to worm with Flubenvet. She had a trip to the vets 2 days ago but they couldn't find anything wrong and said she wasn't egg bound. She's still not herself and we noticed up until today her poo was very small with clear mucus. This morning we kept her locked up in her run, there seemed to be more pooing going on, it was very smelly and I happened to see her poo right by me and noticed it was alive with little worms, about 5mm or so long, I think they were pale brown, hard to tell. By the time I'd gone to get my husband to come and see they were no longer wriggling in the poo and very difficult to see. This is probably why I hadn't noticed them before. Does anyone know if the worms die that quickly out of the body? Also what type of worms they may be? Our little flock free range on grass fenced off but our dog has got in and snaffled poo 😱 I'm going to worm him asap. Apart from continuing with the Flubenvet with all our hens and hoping this clears up and our sick hen starts to improve, are there other things I need to do, medically and cleaning wise. Grateful for any advice and information, thank you 🙂
  4. Many thanks for your replies 😊 Will see what the Vet says but I've a feeling the wound may be too close to the eye to attempt to cauterise as it's actually on the skin that surrounds the eye, in the corner, roughly where our tear ducts are, kind of 😂
  5. Hi, We are at our wits end 😩 with one of our bantams who has a small cut near the inner corner of her eye - It's the skin area not the actual eyeball. We are not 100% sure whether it started out as a peck injury from one of the other girls, we suspect so but once it starts bleeding it runs into her eye which causes her to scratch and make it so much worse. The blood loss is tremendous from such a tiny wound, it's quite a sight when she shakes her head and it sprays everywhere including our faces 😱 This has reocurred now about 6 times over the past month or two. On one occasion she lost so much blood she was really pale and weak for a few days. We have tried everything we can think of and she has been kept seperate during the night now and then for her wound to heal and today, just as the tiny scab had almost gone, she's either been scratching at it again or one of the others has pecked it off (we have seen one looking at her scab before and gently pecking it but we suspect this time she scratched it herself) Trying to stem the flow of blood is a real challange, we use flour as this seems to help most of the time 😕 We just can seem to think how this cycle is ever going to stop. It's in such an awkward place being so close to her eye therefore we can't bandage it or cover it. I did look at liquid plaster but this can't be used near the eye area. Appreciate any suggestions or advice, thank you so much 😊
  6. *Update* After getting nowhere with the regular vets who would not prescribe anything else for our little bantam on the basis the medication we wanted to try was not available for chickens, we finally managed to see an Exotics vet. He couldn't feel anything really fibrous in her crop and didn't suspect sour crop. He tested her poo and all seemed fine. He injected her with Biomoxyl and prescribed a 7 day course of Emperid Oral and was totally miffed why the regular vet was not willing to prescribe this 🤷🏻‍♀️ He said he'd be pleasantly surprised if the Emperid clears everything as the crop is so full and would normally require surgery. He thought she was quite perky and her weight was ok. Today her crop is still full, it does seem to change shape and is sometimes soft, sometimes a bit firmer, things are moving through but very, very slowly. We have starved her for a day but she's back eating and drinking now and despite her problem looks healthy and has plenty of energy (although I know chickens are good at hiding things). Unfortunatly I don't think Surgery is an option as it's very costly and we were told that it may not cure the actual issue, it may still return depending on the cause. We will just have to keep an eye on things, finish the meds and go from there 🤞🏻
  7. Thank you both for your fast replies, really appreciate it 👍🏻 We will try for another few days with the olive oil and massage and some tlc and cross everything 🤞🏻 We don't want her to suffer so if things go downhill quick or do not improve soon we will have to euthenaise her 😢 At the moment she's got good colour, active, drinking, eating, albeit less than normal, she's being pooing a bit more so far today, especially after massaging her crop and it's a mixture of firm/watery but normal colour. We've only had her ( & 3 others) since November, she was around 18 weeks at the time. We are in Wales, Carmarthenshire area and unfortunately although our Vet Practice is a large one, no disrespect meant but we have yet to deal with a vet who "really, really" (old school) knows their stuff about chickens. I suppose they do not deal with many pet chickens, mostly large flocks on farms etc where if they are sick they are usually culled rather than treated. We've kept chickens for the past 8 years and have had to do a lot of research ourselves when one has been sick. We've obviously been lucky in the past as this is the first crop issue we've had to deal with. Will update in a few days 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Thanks again
  8. Good Morning, I'm hoping to get some advice or suggestions for one of our young bantam hens please. Apologies in advance for my long post 😳🤦🏻‍♀️ Almost a week ago she started to have awful stagnant bog/water smelling poo that was inky black/dark grey, sometimes black liquid, sometimes liquid with some form. We then noticed a few days later that she was having strange neck spasms and on examination found a swollen crop. The following morning the crop was still full, tennis ball sized and feeling like a water balloon. She has been to the vets who inserted a tube to flush her crop, not much came out and what did was not sour smelling. The vet prescribed Baycox as they suspected coccidiosis. My husband did ask the vet about Nystatin for her crop but they didn't think it was sour crop. Our hen came home with a full crop which I was a bit upset about. Fast forward a few days, our hen still has a full crop that doesn't empty by morning. It feels slightly less dough like and less of a ball but still full. She's eating a small amount, drinking, would eat grass if we let her out to free range and is pooing now and then (It's no longer smelly or inky black but not back to normal). She's obviously loosing weight now, she feels light as a feather and not as perky as she was. We have tried small amounts of Daktarin Oral the past two days out of desperation but no change as yet. We have also used some olive oil and crop massage. We rang the vets again yesterday to ask what to do next and they said they would have a think about some meds but they are limited with what they can give as it's a laying bird or food chain animal, something along those lines. We've heard nothing back from them as yet, I feel extremeley let down by them, the hen is our 4 year old daughters pet and much loved by us all. I'm also awaiting a delivery of Avipro Avian as I've read this can be beneficial but it's not arriving until tomorrow. Can anyone advise how much olive oil should be administered per day and how often should we be massaging the crop. Any advice would be gratefully received thanks as we are at a loss at the moment. 🤷🏻‍♀️😢
  9. That's a very good idea, thank you. Have now looked up some cheap animal hutches that we could adapt and would indeed come in handy in the future for a number of uses 😊
  10. Thanks for the positive replies, I'm starting to let myself feel a bit more excited now rather than anxious. We will need to work out how to manage introductions. Outside in the garden will be fine as we have the space and spare fencing to keep the girls foraging separately for a time, it's just the housing that's an issue, we only have the one Eglu Classic which is currently housed inside a roofed meshed run. I'm assuming the new girls will need separate sleeping accommodation as well initially? If so, we will have to see if we can make some temporary sleeping quarters 🤔
  11. Hi, I haven't posted before but would really appreciate some advice/thoughts on our situation please. We have a lone 6 year old Speckledy Hen after we lost her sisters over a year ago. We were worried at first about her being alone and thought we would take each day at a time to see if she adapted as we were not in a position to get more chickens at the time. She loves our dog and seems to enjoy the company of our resident Robbin, Black birds and Sparrow's who follow her around the garden. She's not once shown signs of loneliness or distress and is thriving, still laying eggs now and then. She was at the bottom of the pecking order before so we think this may be why she has adapted well to being alone. We are now in a position to have more chickens and would love to get 2 or 3 for our daughter to keep as her own pets - our current Hen has never liked being handled and is quite shy. We have been looking into rehoming ex battery hens and also considered bantams or P.O.L hens and are currently thinking this over. Our concerns are, will our Hen appreciate some company after being alone for a year, or will she turn on the newcomers, or will they turn on her? I realise that there's no real way of knowing these concerns but maybe someone with a similar experience can share some advice? When we chatter to our Hen she always chatters back to us and it's occurred to me of late that although she has been doing really great, she hasn't any friends to chatter away to anymore, I miss hearing all their beautiful sounds. Thanks in advance.

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