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  1. Thanks for the great comments everyone, its reassuring to be told we're probably doing a good job. We take great care with all our animals and I think they're pretty happy but I wanted to make sure. I've recorded Ruby purring on my phone and was thinking about putting it on Youtube. People often don't realise what lovely personalities chickens have and how they should be treated. Oh and yes she really is 11 years old and will be 12 in April! When I bought the girls I thought they only lived 5-6 years but I understand it can be longer for pure breeds. We will continue looking after Ruby in the manner to which she has become accustomed, live mealworms, sweetcorn and pancakes being her favourite treat foods. Thank you all again!
  2. We bought three hens in 2004, two light sussex and a rhode island red (called Ruby). About two years ago we lost both the light sussex and, as we had been given a couple of rabbits to rehome by the RSPCA, I decided we didn't want to buy any more hens. Ruby was never interested in the other girls and often pecked them if they came near her, she was always off on her own foraging in the garden. But I was still concerned about her being lonely and asked around locally to see if anyone could take her but no-one wanted such an old chicken (the cheek!). Now she lives quite happily with the rabbits and even sits with them during the day, after initially showing them who's boss. At the moment she is moulting but the problem is she has started to come into the house in the evening, jumping on the coffee table next to the sofa (where I'm sitting, having a quiet cuppa) and tries to get to sleep. I did de-mite her house just in case its that but apart from that I'm not sure what to do. She's very cossetted, has lovely glossy feathers and a bright red comb. She does sit in the house quite a lot and purrs so I know she likes being in here but this is the first time she's been so attached to us. During the day she often follows us from room to room and sits wherever we are. Does anyone think she's lonely?

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