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  1. Just to add what we did last winter, which was to rotate between two glug trays each day. Each morning we would take the frozen one out, replace it with a freshly-filled "spare". Worked OK last winter, but I suppose this only works if/when the water only freezes overnight and not during the day.
  2. Hello All, new poster here. I wondered if anyone had any advice and/or experiences with finding a rat or rats around their chickens? We have our 4 hybrids housed in an Eglu cube, in a triple length, double height run. We let then run around in the garden for a couple of hours before dark, they put themselves to bed and we then shut the cage up for the night. I've seen a rat in the cage a couple of times on these occasions recently. When I disturbed it, it escaped by climbing through the (bigger) gaps in the upper section of the cage. This also means, of course, there are plenty of entry points for it. Because we close the cage, we don't shut the Eglu door as this allows the hens to get out of bed before we do! However, is there is risk of a rat attacking the hens at night? I've stated to take the grub pot out of the cage at night and I'll see how this goes before I consider the nuclear option of putting something outside the cage to discourage them. Comments and thoughts much appreciated! Manny thanks

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