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  1. Hi Mamacoop. Welcome to your new ‘drug of choice’, chicken keeping... my new girls haven’t been collected yet (2nd June) and I have already spent an imaginary, non existent fortune on dream runs and housing and chickens and equipment and....like I said, it’s addictive
  2. I’m back! 🤗 After a chicken sabbatical I am to become a chicken keeper again. 🐓 it’s been about 6 years, I think, 🤔since I was last here. I’ve seen come familiar names amongst the posters though. I have a second hand eglu go, it’s battered a bit but will do the job however I’m already looking at the cube. Has this shrunk? I’m sure mine was bigger. I think chicken keeping is like an addiction. Once you’ve done it you can never quite get over the NEED for chickens in your life. Im going to be collecting my girls on 2nd of June from Southmead Poultry. Three. A reverse Sussex, a white ranger and a belle blue.

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