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  1. Undoubtedly you are right, Beantree. I can feel a dense lump in her crop. I have been hoping that emptying the gunk regularly and treatment with fluconazole would alleviate the problem, but i am beginning to feel a bit hopeless about the impaction dispersing alone. All chickens were wormed three weeks before i got them. There is plenty of grit in a hopper that they help themselves too, and on the advice of a friend i have also scattered it around the run so they can scratch it up. Tulip is fine. I think she's just going to be a bit of a "Ooops, word censored!"py chicken. Am wondering now if we will have to do crop surgery to remove the blockage from Titanic. She feels very thin...
  2. We only got back from Holiday on Saturday - the neighbours looked after the chickens and our dogs and cat (lovely people, who LOVE our pets and are very kind) As you know, we battled Mycoplasma the week before we went and seemed to have beaten it, so i was pleased to come home and see all the chickens looking fine. At this stage I need to admit that, being so worried about them, i had been TOTALLY overdoing the corn and mealworms in an effort to make sure they were full of food. Also, i had been encouraging the kids (and the neighbour, whilst we were away) to feed them handfuls of pulled up grass because I felt bad that they were missing out on free ranging due to fear of the fox. A couple of days ago, i noticed that when titanic jumped down from her roost, she dribbled a bunch of slime out of her beak. Yesterday she didn't look so clever, so this morning i caught her and felt her crop which was, predictably, like a water balloon. I tipped her up and squished out a whole ton of vile yellow slime, and now I know I have to treat her for sour crop. I have also noticed that Tulip - the worst affected with Mycoplasma - has started swelling around her eye again and is gaping a LOT. Honestly, guys, I'm feeling a bit emotionally exhausted by it all. My last bunch of chickens never had a health complaint between them. The one chicken that came to us sneezing just stayed that way and was never ill with it. Now, with a cleaner coop, in a better position, the birds just seem to be catching every disease going. Just hope I can get Titanic over the sour crop. There will be no more treats or s"Ooops, word censored!"s now anyway, and I'm off to town for some fluconazole tablets. Not sure what to do with Tulip. I think I'll check her for sour crop, too, as the Tylan and immunity dip from being ill might have predisposed her to it. I'm also going to stop shutting the coop door at night as I fear there just isn't sufficient ventilation coming through the heart shaped holes at the top of the coop and I'm pretty sure there is no fox access to the run (And if there IS fox access, he can bust into the coop through the nest box anyway, so I'm not really helping by shutting the coop up at night). As usual, I appreciate any sensible advise from you guys xxx
  3. Well, they continue to improve. Tulip is now the only one perceivably I'll because she still looks like she's been punched in the eye BUT she is bright and squabbling with the others for s"Ooops, word censored!"s. None of them are hunched up any more. I reckon Titanic's diarrhoea must be unrelated so I'll Google it for a diagnosis... Meanwhile, I'll check the chicken poop post on here for ideas.
  4. Well, they all seem a little better this morning. Titanic still has diarrhoea (maybe unrelated?) And Tulip's eyes were so gummed up that she was blind until I wiped them with the Tylan medicated drinking water. She was NOT pleased. Boadicea is still keeping one eye winked closed. We injected them all again today as they barely seem to be drinking, so we can't rely on them being medicated by the water. Has anyone else been through this? I would love a bit of experienced insight!
  5. Ok, so this morning I let them out of the coop a little late- around 7.15- and they were all still roosting despite it having been daylight for ages. I see some improvement in Tulip and Princess Leia, who were the worst yesterday, but Boadicea is worse and so is Lavender, who is so small that I worry how she will weather this. I have given them all mealworms today, as appetites are well down. I suppose they have only been medicated for 24 hrs, so maybe after the full course we will be back to normal.
  6. Yes, Hubs to the rescue. We have injected them all with Tylan as only 3looked unaffected and some were too poorly to drink. Tonight only three of them made it into the coop, the other five were huddled underneath it I am sick with worry... I reckon the thunderstorm must have been the big stressor that set them all off. Poor chickens.
  7. I can't believe this is happening, and I don't have a good feeling about it- the boys let the chickens out this morning and said that Tulips eyes were half closed. I thought that didn't sound right, but didn't get the time to check her till after lunch. Found her hunched and picked her up without much resistance. One eye was totally covered in froth and her or ital areas are swollen. I brought her in, and hubby offered to go in for some Tylan. I went back out to get the little feeder and drinker and found that Princess Leia is also affected! Which basically means they all have it, doesn't it? I'm gutted! How did they get it? It has been ages since the new girls were introduced (how naiive am I? )I never even thought about quarantine! But strangely, it was the first bunch of girls I occasionally heard sneezing and saw gaping. Too late now. Chickens from both sources are I'll, and long after the 'stressor' of travel and introduction. Any tips on nursing a chicken with mycoplasma gallisepticum, please?
  8. Ok, so Titanic laid an egg in the box on the way home and Marsha had laid an egg by the following day BUT she didn't lay in the nest box! Both she and Titanic will go in the coop to lay, but just anywhere on the floor. The nestbox are clean and well stuffed with bedding (Easybed) and I have put two wooden eggs in but to no avail. In fact, they have now figured out the wooden eggs and have kicked them out of the nestbox. Yesterday, I heard an almighty commotion in the garden just as we arrived home from church and my blood froze because I thought "Fox!" But happily it turned out to be an egg song for Creepy! Hooray! Except she had also laid on the floor of the coop. What do I do, guys? How do I fix this?
  9. Pecking everything = normal. They love scratching and pecking. I get my shoes and trousers pecked at if I stand still for any length of time. Scratching a hollow and rolling around in it = dust bathing. Chickens just LOVE dusting themselves in the soil. Given time they'll dig big pits that you can barely see them in. They also just like to plop themselves down and rest, especially in the sun.
  10. Ha ha! Yes, Creepy is an odd name, but I generally let the children name the chickens because they have such funny ideas. So Creepy isn't actually sinister. She's particularly friendly and beautiful, I think. But the boys are very keen on the word 'Creepy' and I guess that qualified it as a name. My husband named Marsha after the character in 'Spaced'. She's the only one we had a word in naming!
  11. They've all become peaceful now, it didn't take more than 24 hrs in the end. Fortunately Princess Leia is speedy so she didn't stop long enough in one place to get a sustained attack. Creepy is just a very confident chicken. She's fast becoming a favourite as she lets the children pick her up. What a sweetheart! I tell you what, though, I can tell wait till they are all in lay and past the newbie stage. I miss having loads of eggs...
  12. Ok, bummer. Went to the builders yard to check out the concrete floor mesh having priced it at an affordable £65 for three panels. Unfortunately the size of the holes was just too big to be of any use! At best it would have simply provided a solid surface for the fox to stand on whilst it attacked the chicken wire beneath. Such as shame! I have since located 10g 1"x1" mesh panels that are 3.6m x 1.8m. These would be great! Except for the fact I'd need three of them to cover the area and that would cost nearly £150. Gah! Nothing is simple! I don't really know what to do. We DO NOT have sufficient funds even to buy another roll of chicken wire, but I am sick with worry about the stupid fox. Am relying on shutting them safely in their coop for peace of mind, but since the nest box has no latch, I'm assuming the fox could just lift the roof off it to gain access to the birds inside. I wish I could just let my chickens have a free and fox-less life!!!! One of these days I'm going to invest all my earthly good in to 8ft security fencing the whole garden... Plus bird netting to stop the raptors.....
  13. Bought the final two girls yesterday! That makes 8 chickens, and my coop is at capacity. (AS IF anyone could have less than 8 chickens in an 8-bird coop. The very notion!!!) So we have a mottled Leghorn called Princess Leia and a silver Sussex called Creepy. I popped them straight in the run, thinking "the girls have only been a flock for 3 days, they probably haven't settled a pecking order yet." Silly me... Creepy seems to be operating more or less under the radar with only the occasional punishment from Marsha and Boadicea-, but Princess Leia is having a battering from everyone! Even teeny-tiny Lavender flapped out her neck feathers and gave her what-for. Chickens are so mean. Fortunately, it's not too much commotion and I'm sure peace will soon be restored. In other news, they seem to have finally realised that the s"Ooops, word censored!"s I bring them are food, which is good news, and Titanic laid her egg whilst roosting this morning and it landed directly in a mushy orange poo and cracked. So I totes fed that one to the dogs (poopy cracked eggs are not very appetising, are they?) It's a bit annoying as only Titanic and Marsha are in lay so far, and neither of the two dimbos lay in the nest box despite the fake eggs I put in there. Any further tips on getting them to lay in the nestbox gratefully received. Also, Dolly, Lavender, Tulip and Boadicea always go to bed together in one nestbox. I have to move them on to the roost every night! Any tricks for teaching them to do that alone? Thanks!
  14. Titanic is fine! No broodyness yet, but she's only 6months. I always use a dog crate for 'The Clink'. I had two silkies before so I know AAAAAAALL about broodies. The dog crate has always done the job!
  15. I've googled it! Looks FAN-BLOOMING-TASTIC!!! Concrete floor mesh.... In your pointy orange FACE foxy! Hahahahahaaaaa!

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