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  1. Has anyone created a raised platform/base for an eglu to sit on? I am looking for help as I am NOT handy/DIY minded and ideally need someone to show me idiot proof instructions I am wondering if I can use a pallet board and just give it legs? Or shall I look for a suitable garden table or similar? Thanks!
  2. Thanks I don't mind things like the herbs being munched, was thinking I could rotate in some hanging planters and re-grow as needed but hadn't thought they'd trample plants inside the run too much I wonder if something planted long before the chickens so it had chance to root in might work?
  3. What plants are chicken friendly to cover a WIR and to go inside the run to provide some interest for chickens? I am thinking a climbing rose across some of the run to provide some windbreak and shade? And then things like lemon verbana, basil, chives to pick at in trays but also some bigger plants to hide in, maybe in pots?
  4. What do you all do when you clean out the eglu and/or run? I got 2 girls last week so this is the first time I've cleaned out their house, and it seems silly to chuck it in the bin? I have them on grass at the mo but considering link-a-board and woodchips or something - again, what do you all do with this if you have them on it? What do you use and what do you do when you clean it? Thanks ETA When I had my last lot of girls years ago they were on newspaper I just chucked each week and moved the run but now i'm in a different house and a bit more eco conscious
  5. I do like the pretty ones, but I don't hate the brown ones either.. The main selling point for the prettier ones is the fact I can tell them apart easily, but then with the brown ones, I'm sure I could tell them apart too with time..
  6. Hiya I need help I am too busy doing the "possible chicken dance" to think logically I have struggled to find sensibly priced chickens locally, and had found 2 acceptable options - £10 POL "brown layers" end of September, or £13-16 POL Lowman Browns end of June. Both were longer then I wanted to wait, but I didn't want to pay £25-30 a head for hybrids (purebred was £30-45..!!) I've just had one of the people I contacted but not heard get back to me. They have some pretty hybrids in "stock", POL right now, for £23 a head - with these I have the options for rhode rock, ballerina, calder ranger, sussex ranger, speckledy, commerical brown, pied ranger and beechwood blue. The decision I need to make is go for chickens now (presuming these are hybrids who will suit my set up) which isn't ideal timing as I'm in the middle of moving house!! or wait for the June or September chickens, which might be better timing wise, although aren't as pretty I have an eglu with a standard run currently, and the girls can/could free range all day safely. I will order a run extension end of May, and eventually move onto a Cube (woop ) and I'm looking at 2-3 girlies. I really like the look of the speckledy and beechwood blue - would these sound oki for the set up, or are any of the others better suited? Thank you
  7. how exciting! I have to wait til the end of june for my girlies (and if that doesn't work out, september :( )
  8. Not really for where it would go. I can add an extension no problem but a WIR wouldn't work where it is. If a run with extension would be ok for the rare occasions then I think that might be a plan. I want to upgrade to a cube ASAP so trying to save a few squids for that
  9. How many chickens (looking at POL "brown egg layers" - presumably the same type as battery hens but before they have that life) would *you* put in an eglu with a standard run with free range of a large garden every day. Does this change if the run is extended? I have to prebook for the end of June (so long to wait!!) and I'm wondering if I need to say 3 or 4
  10. I'd be tempted to go round to the nearest neighbours with gifts of eggs and explain you are trying to limit their noise and so might have a few days of slightly noisier chickens.. I reckon most will say they don't mind, but the eggs will be a sweetener for sure
  11. I'm sure I read somewhere that moving them/putting them back in the house at night was the best plan, as they roost up, then the next day they are all together and hopefully all stays harmonious. I may be talking rubbish..
  12. Does anyone know of a place I can find out the different names for all the hybrids? I am confused and trying to work out whats in some of the hybrids I can get locally to decide if they are suitable. I have had a bad experience with an Amber Star who wouldn't stay in any area (think thats what it was called) and looking into the mix it was clear why as it was a mix of 2 flighty breeds and so not suitable for a small garden..
  13. Can I put my chickens onto a base of gravel/pebbles? They will have access to grass to freerange under supervision for large parts of the day.
  14. Its a standard eglu run (not sure if I have an extension or not). I can free range them daily but they will need to spend a fair bit of time in their run.
  15. Its just a standard eglu run (think I have the 1m extension but its in the shed currently so not sure!) I can cover it but it won't be with more then what it comes with - will it need to be covered all summer too?
  16. I have located where I want to put my eglu with normal sized run, but it needs to be static, and easy to clean. I am thinking of doing something involving slabs and the link-a-board but I am wondering a few things a) If I slab and link-a-board, can I still do a thick layer of something for them to scratch in? b) what is the best "something" to use. The eglu run will only be tarped up in the winter so needs to cope with a bit of rain inbetween cleans, which I don't want to have to do more then once every 3/4 weeks (daily poo picking aside..) c) will I need to make the base slightly tilted so any water can drain off, or will it soak into whatever I use (and will this make it smelly? Thanks I'm sorry if that is vague, but I can sort-of-but-not-really mentally picture it and explaining is hard!
  17. Hello Still haven't got my chooks yet, but not far off! I am looking for ideas on yummies and boredom busters ready for when they come I will be able to free range them a bit, but they will spend a fair bit of time in their run, so I want to keep them happy Thanks
  18. The orchard is secure but I think its too close to the neighbours/not close enough to us. Relative is mobile enough to go to either place, but I think on the lawn is better. The lawn is quite mossy and (this is where I tempt fate..) is not a muddy place - it gets wet but a lot of the excess runs off. I can look into stepping stones I think I'd like some hybrids I think, or at the least different colored egg layers. I am not too fussy really though - depends what I can get on the island
  19. I am moving in with an elderly relative. I thought reviving my un-used Eglu might be a nice way to get her up and about each day as she has recently lost her dog, and so is no longer going for a short walk a day. I have asked if she'd mind chickens and she won't. 90% of the daily care will be me, including cleaning out, but I think seeing the girls daily with some veg s"Ooops, word censored!"s/corn and collecting the eggs is do-able. I can't quite decide where to put the Eglu. I am waiting on the converter kit, and may need to replace my run (and ultimately extend it in time), but we should be good to go by the end of the month I think (although again I may wait to get the actual chickens?) I am thinking of a trio of girls I have a couple of options. I am not on the mainland so foxes are not a problem, nor are badgers, although we do have polecats on the island. We have a top garden that used to be part of an orchard. It has a couple of low apple trees, and will need only a few modifications for the chickens. I thought about splitting it in 2 using some portable fencing, and putting them in one half for a fortnight or so depending on how the grass fairs, and then the other, moving their eglu/run as we go. This would mean they could put themselves to bed/get up when they want, although I could go up and shut them in at night if wet/cold. The whole area used to be one, but the top part was sold to a neighbour and is fenced off. I worry that the chickens are a bit too far from the house/bit too close to the neighbour, but its a nice area imo for them. This is a side view to show the sort of size area. It's taken from the gate you can see in the next pic, but also shows the neighbours fence: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/074_zps2e5a0ea4.jpg There is also the "big lawn" and I am wondering if a permanent eglu/run across the gap between the flowerbed and the circular bed/where the green chair is would be a better option. The girls would get less free-range time with this though, as its also where the dogs have access. I would put them on some sort of chippings, raked out monthly. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/078_zpsd02ae891.jpg I'd also like some recommendations for good bedding (and run lining) for composting. I'd like to do something with it all to put back into the plants as there is a gardener who comes every so often to keep it tidy and so could probably use it all. (apologies for unclickable links but photobucket won't resize them properly for here )
  20. It was a katkabin that inspired me I am going to make the switch today and will post pics
  21. Hi everyone Been a while since I posted on here! I have an empty Eglu that for various reasons I can't fill with Chickens again currently. It seems a shame to have it sitting empty, and I don't want to sell it (been there, sold my lovely red one, regretted it and now have a purple one..!) and so I wondered if I'd be mad to make it into an outside cat den for my cats for the winter? I can put the run in the shed and I don't think it would lead to them causing problems in the future? Has anyone done this? Good idea or bad?
  22. I haven't named any of them I'm afraid. Cuckoo silky? Very pretty!! Where is she from?
  23. S/he loves to sunbathe - Its a common way to find that chick
  24. I haven't been on here for ages I'm afraid. The silky chicks are now coming up for 5 weeks old, and as today was a beautiful day, into the garden they went, and here are some pics I'm going to post links not photos as there are a lot of photos and I don't have time to shrink them all tonight. Anyway, enjoy and I apologise for the "ugly duckling" look - Silkies are not beautiful babies!! http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks001.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks004.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks007.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks009.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks010.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks011.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks014.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks015.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks019.jpg http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b345/tomcat1/SilkieChicks026.jpg

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