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  1. We give our ladies porridge made with oats and water and they really like it. I don't know about using it as a replacement for layers pellets, we just give it as a treat on cold mornings (even though they don't really need it!) but if it's just for a couple of days I don't suppose it will do any harm and you can't have them going hungry - especially in this weather.
  2. They look lovely, I am sorely tempted They do say that the outdoor ones are only guaranteed for 2 years though, not sure I'd want to spend that amount of money for only 2 years. But, if they work as well as everyone says then they'll be worth it, my kitchen floor looks like the Somme at this time of year - no matter how often I mop it
  3. We tend to watch BBC Breakfast and then I check the BBC website during the day. One thing that really irritates me about the BBC though, is the number of times they will present a news feature about some topic or other and then say "to find out more, watch our full report on Panorama (or similar) on BBC 1 at 7pm tonight" - so what they've given us is a glorified trailer for one of their own shows!
  4. Sleety rain here, windy and very cold. Just half frozen to death going out and cleaning hen house - ladies not in the least bit bothered by weather. And my back door is leaking so there's a puddle of water on the kitchen floor! Joy!
  5. Wow! This is amazing! If this had existed when I was little I think I would have spontaneously combusted with excitement I think I'm going to keep this logged in and see how he's getting on - just for my own amusement of course
  6. I'm going to break ranks and say I'm bored with the whole thing already and I don't think that girl has got the faintest idea what she's got herself into. And if you listen very carefully you will hear the sound of the Queen Mother turning in her grave - and most likely Princess Margaret and Queen Mary will be too! Bah!
  7. I like the Christmas ads too A friend and I have this sort of a thing every year where we say it's not Christmas until we have seen the Famous Grouse turkey advert - I saw him last week, he's curling this year it seems, so that means it's Christmas. (and yes, I know he's a grouse not a turkey, but I call him a turkey to wind up hubby ) We both like the Waitrose one where everyone is snowed in a pub and they all create a wonderful meal together using Waitrose stuff from the freezer - it feels really festive despite being in black and white. But what annoys me is all the "order now and have it delivered in time for Christmas" ads for new sofas, beds, carpets, fitted kitchens etc, etc. And the catalogue companies which pretty much encourage people to get themselves in debt. Buy, buy, buy, spend, spend, spend because your Christmas can't possibly be perfect unless you've got yourself into more debt than the average Third World country! Bah!
  8. It is pricey isn't it? And if you want popcorn or other sweeties or drinks as well, then it gets even more expensive. We have a Showcase near us and full price for adults is over £10 a head which is ridiculous. We either use "Insider" cards which is a sort of free membership thingy that gets you cheaper rates on Sunday evenings and all day Monday and Tuesday, or we do 2 for 1 on Meerkat movies on Wednesdays. Even so, we only go now for something we really want to see on the big screen, everything else we wait for the DVD.
  9. I'd love sparkly highlights but no, it's just that I only get them done at this time of year
  10. I don't think they should charge VAT on school uniform at all, no matter what size or age. Youngsters have to stay at school until they are 18 now don't they? So in that case they should be considered as "children" in terms of uniform and not charged - especially if you have to get the stuff from one supplier and can't shop around. What a swizz.
  11. £100 a month? Seriously? What on earth is she having done, or is it a really, really exclusive salon? I usually tip a couple of quid each time - I go roughly every 8 weeks for a cut and blow dry which costs £23 so I hand over £25 and tell the girl to keep the change. Next month I'm having festive highlights put in and as it will cost more and as it's Christmas, I will tip more. To be honest, if I were paying £100 at the hairdresser, I'd consider they'd got enough of my hard earned cash as it was, and I wouldn't tip at all It's down to choice though I think, but I've always tipped hairdressers, apart from when my hair was being done by the person who owned the salon - I figured he probably didn't need it We usually tip around 10% in restaurants too, unless the service was poor.

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