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  1. I'm new to this too - Metals Is that Ok?
  2. I've got 2 cats and we don't have a problem with the hens at all. Athena ignores the chickens and so they ignore her, Apollo is scared of them, to the point that he won't walk past them, I have to carry him until he is out of their way. Every so often he will get brave and try and have a sniff of them, but his nerve gives out very quickly because they just flap their wings at him. Both of mine are small cats and they are only in the garden under supervision, but we've had other cats stroll into the garden out of curiosity, and we did have one that used to sit in the tree above the hen house but he would never make any effort to get any closer. I think as long as you are careful and keep an eye on proceedings until your ladies are confident in their new surroundings, you should be fine.
  3. I don't understand this whole eyebrow thing. I've never done anything with my eyebrows at all, never plucked, brushed, dyed or waxed. I just leave them alone and don't bother about them. But then I'm not big on faffing around anyway and I rarely bother with make up - too much like hard work to take it off! Some people I know spend a fortune having their eyelashes dyed! Yikes
  4. He came! He measured! He will email with with fitting dates when he puts the order in with his supplier and they advise what their turnaround time is at the moment.
  5. He's been in touch again, and is allegedly coming in the morning to do the measuring. We've used him before and he did a great job and he had been recommended to us by a colleague who used him previously so we thought we were on safe ground! And yes, his wife has definitely had a baby - the same colleague knows him socially and is on his Facebook (I don't do social media) so that bit is genuine. I think the baby's early arrival caught him on the hop, he's been very disorganised about everything and my husband suspects that because we've been quite understanding, he's put us off so he can deal with other, less amenable clients. None the less, it's not a very professional way to behave so we shall see what the morning brings. Thanks again, all, for your comments and advice
  6. Try not to feel too bad about it - maybe all the emotional turmoil you've had over the last few weeks and months is to blame. Daft though it sounds, your brain has had a lot to process and maybe it hasn't been giving enough energy to the stuff like "not falling over" and "mind that wall in front of you" They do say that stress can work its way out of your system in many different ways so perhaps this is how it is for you - painful and embarrassing though it be Hopefully things will improve soon, and you will be back to your normal well balanced and non-clumsy self And regarding heavy handbags (thought I'd reply to 2 post in one ) I once put my bag on the passenger seat in my hubby's car and was driving along quite happily when out of the corner of my eye I saw a little red light flashing. It was the seat belt warning light for the passenger seat - my bag was so heavy the car thought there was someone sitting in the seat!
  7. So Friday came and went, and Monday came and went and not a word. Today I get an email, full of apologies yet again saying he will get to me "when he can" but installation is not not likely to be until mid-October Initially we had this week pencilled in for installation and then I was in the faint hope it would be done before the end of September. So I've emailed and said it had better be mid-October and that I don't want the date slipping any further. If he lets me down again I am doing to ask him to return the deposit and we'll get someone else in, although that will delay things even more On the plus side, I have finally managed to get someone to replace the garden fence which was damaged in the bad storm back in February and has been held up by rope and prayers ever since. I'm getting a nice, new, concrete posted affair on 25th September. Which will make the garden more secure again and means I won't be crossing my fingers every time the wind blows.
  8. The power of the Omlet forum is not to be trifled with! My window man must have felt a disturbance in the Force because he's emailed me today to apologise for the delay and that he will be here on Friday or Monday to do the measurements! My hubby did say last night to "give the poor bloke chance to get used to being a dad" - and the baby did arrive a couple of weeks early so I think it threw him a bit. So thanks to all of you for your help and advice, and I will keep you posted as to how things turn out
  9. Can I pick your collective brains regarding the following? We have decided to replace our old and rotting wooden framed double glazing with new, shiny UPVC stuff. I've had 3 quotes from local firms, including a chap who I've used before to replace a side door last year and who came highly recommended. He did a great job on the door so I was keen to use him again. His quote was the most competitive so we accepted it and paid the deposit. He said he needed to come round to do final measurements, check on all the details etc, and then he would order the windows from his supplier. We even pencilled in a tentative installation date. So he came, but said his mate who would help him was stuck somewhere so he re-booked for the following week - and he and his mate duly arrived at the appointed hour - only for him to depart almost immediately because his wife had called to say she'd gone into labour. So I said, fine, just go and call me when the baby has been born. He emailed a few days later saying it had been a difficult delivery and that mum and baby were still in hospital so he'd reschedule when they were home and were settled. A week went by, and I heard nothing so last Tuesday I emailed again and asked was everything ok and when could the work be done because I wanted it all done before the weather turns. He emailed back to say all was fine, he would come this week to do the measurements and he'd let me know what day when he had heard from his mate as to availability. So now it's Tuesday again, and still nothing. At what stage do I go all Rogue Traders on him? I like him, he does a good job and I am still keen for him to do the work, but this is getting more than a tad ridiculous. It's been going on for nearly a month now, we paid the deposit on 4th August. As I've accepted the quote and paid the deposit, can I ask for it back? He's done no work so where do I stand? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated Thanks
  10. We used to have an Indian restaurant near us called "Balti Towers"
  11. They do stairs these days - they can fly and everything! There's no escape! Personally I am a bit peeved with the way the Cybermen are misused in new Who. In the old days your average Cyberman had a bit of guile, a bit of cunning and even a bit of panache. These days all they do is stomp about in formation and then take to the skies. Bring back proper Cybermen that's what I say!
  12. Supermarine makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Listening to Nimrod now - absolutely gorgeous. I think I agree, this is easily Zimmer's best soundtrack to date.
  13. Well as long as you never call one Adric you'll be fine
  14. This is one I definitely want to see. For one thing Kenneth Branagh is in it but also because the music is by Hans Zimmer who is always reliable and the bits I've heard already are just amazing. I have a week off in early August so I think I may take a trip to the local flea pit........
  15. I was only saying to hubby the other day that we should start using names of Who companions for our ladies, that or Bond girls I never saw much of Colin Baker as Who so I can't really judge him, but I have met him and he's a very nice man. My fave would have to be Tom Baker though, the quintessential Doctor IMHO.
  16. I thought the bingo card was quite funny - and I think I probably ticked all of the boxes initially and I'm still not 100% convinced it's a good idea! But I'm trying to put a brave face on it. And not even former Doctors agree apparently - Peter Davison and Colin Baker got into a bit of handbags over it the other day so those of us who have our reservations are in good company
  17. Our crazy Columbine Rhapsody and her friend the ditzy Leg Bar Sabrina have both decided that laying eggs under various bushes and shrubs in the garden is a good thing to do! This has been going on ever since Kelly went broody (again!) and has been hogging the nest box the majority of the time. There are 2 compartments in the nest box but it seems the other girls prefer to not go in there at all when Kelly is in residence - she is quite stroppy when she's broody and I think she's putting them off. Jill the Light Sussex has stopped laying altogether - at least if she's got a secret stash in the garden we haven't found it yet Presumably normal service will be resumed when Kelly pulls herself together.
  18. Yes he did and he spent too much time faffing around with Sherlock instead of concentrating on Who! And I love Sherlock by the way, but you can't Exec Produce 2 big things like that at the same time and keep the standards up! Bah!
  19. I was initially disappointed but when I think about it, the show is in need of a fresh look and maybe this is it. I've been watching Who on and off since the early 70's (I clearly remember Pertwee regenerating into Tom Baker) and it always takes time to get used to a new Doctor but if she's any good and the writing is any good then before long we'll all be wondering what all the fuss was about. If I'm honest, Who hasn't been working for me for ages, there hasn't been a "lump in the throat, hairs on the back of the neck, OMG" moment for a long time (the last 2 minutes of the last episode notwithstanding!) and I could rant for hours about what annoys me about it so having had the chance to sleep on it, I am cautiously optimistic that this could actually make me enjoy watching again. The Christmas episode is going to be great though, Capaldi and the First Doctor together, that's something to savour while digesting huge amounts of turkey, chocolate and wine
  20. Oh wow! Those look absolutely amazing! I can imagine how messy they'd get though, but I bet they were yummy I could do with one of those now to help with the disappointment of new Who announcement....................
  21. Compare the Meerkat do cheap UK holiday insurance as well and you then also get the 2 for 1 cinema ticket Meerkat Movies thingy which is really good. We got a policy from them for an upcoming day trip to London for pence and now we get cheap movies for a year

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