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  1. Love it, but only a small amount, on hot buttered toast, with a nice cup of coffee! Perfect
  2. Erm, can I play Devil's Advocate, coming from experience of cantankerous and sometimes confused elderly men - Did she really ring him or is he just saying she did? FIL used to say he'd had calls from all sorts of people when he hadn't. Just a thought.
  3. Gosh, that's quite a lot of damage, but it's good that no one was hurt, just a few ruffled feathers. I think there is about to be a national shortage of fence panels and roof tiles
  4. It is awful isn't it? Just sitting there, minding your own business and something like that happens. A complete freak accident, no rhyme or reason. Terrible
  5. Much calmer today - it's been a long time since I've seen wind like we had yesterday. Pretty scary stuff! Discovered this morning that we've lost 5 fence panels so have just spent time outside trying to patch it up before we join the long queue of people wanting new fences Yesterday we heard a crash from outside and found a couple of roof tiles smashed on the patio, but not from our roof - they're the wrong colour. No idea where they've come from as the neighbour's roofs all seem fine. And the bird table has been smashed to pieces too. But the lights stayed on fortunately so we didn't have that to deal with unlike some other folk, and the house is still in one piece and the ladies are all fine too. So a lot to be thankful for really.
  6. What sort of a doctor can't read an ECG? It's not rocket science when you know what to look for and if the GP had done a proper 12 lead ECG it should have had an interpretation on it anyway which should have given some indication there was a problem! I despair. I hope your husband is well on the mend. With regards to the whole malarkey of trying to get an appointment, my mum says her surgery do the whole telephone appointment thing (she lives in the West Mids) and the GPs at the surgery love it because it saves time, stops the malingerers and the time wasters and means they have time to deal with the patients who are really in need of care. My surgery don't do it, but if you want an appointment the same day they get a nurse practitioner to call you back to discuss what's wrong with you. The whole system is falling apart at the seams and I really worry what will happen in the future because it can't carry on like this for much longer can it?
  7. I have no idea why they even had one copy, they only had one child and were the most strait laced, upright couple you could think of
  8. Ah, I've gone all red now (but in a good way) Thank you for the thank you! I'm glad that my few words helped and that you've been able to make progress with your dad's financial affairs. And that things seem to be moving in the right direction generally. Take care x x
  9. We had similar problems when we had to clear my In-Laws house a few years ago. We were finding every birthday card and Christmas card they'd ever been sent, along with miles and miles of gift ribbon, used wrapping paper, photographs, plus packets and packets of pasta, rolls and rolls of loo paper and kitchen paper....... Oh, and 3 copies of the Kama Sutra
  10. It's so sad, and you're right, 75 is no age these days. I used to love 'Allo 'Allo - it was such a silly, fun show and Rene was the glue the held it all together I think. A sad loss
  11. Do you have a Power of Attorney for his finances? If you do then the financial institutions have no reason to refuse access as it's a legal document, although some of them are a bit slow off the mark in recognising what it is If you don't, then now may be a good time to get a solicitor involved and get it sorted while your dad is being cooperative and able to understand what he's signing. It costs a bit to sort, and if you are legally savvy enough you could do it on your own without a solicitor, although if you're new to this a solicitor might be the safer bet! Once you've sent the paperwork off it takes approx 6-8 weeks for the POA to come through.
  12. Really sorry to hear of your loss. It's always sad to lose one, but sounds like she had a good and long life, which I hope you can draw some comfort from. Take care x x

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